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by Zack Zarrillo - Sep 22, 2011


PropertyOfZack had the chance to chat with Drew from I Call Fives just a few weeks ago to catch up with the band. Drew and I discussed their summer full of touring, writing for a new album, plans to record, and a label switch. Read up and enjoy!

For the record, could you state your name and role in I Call Fives?
I’m Drew, and I play the bass in I Call Fives.
It’s been an incredibly busy summer for you guys including a major tour with Handguns, We Are The Union, and The Story So Far, a tour with Sparks The Rescue, and now a tour with The Dangerous Summer. Can you talk about each of the individual runs?
It was definitely a busy summer. It started off with We Are The Union and us doing a co-headlining tour with Handguns and The Story So Far on certain dates, and it was a really cool tour. We only played with We Are The Union once before, but they turned out to be awesome fucking guys. The Story So Far and Handguns killed it. It turned into a really cool tour. We had a little bit of a run with Sparks The Rescue, and it was weird because it was a mix for us because they’re on the pop side, but it was awesome. The people who came out to see those guys were really respective of us and it was a really cool crowd. The Dangerous Summer guys just finished up Warped and this is their five-year anniversary tour, and it’s funny because it’s our fifth year as a band as well. It’s been going well. There are only a few dates left. It’s been an interesting summer, but it’s been fun.
This is the most active the band has been in a long time. Has it been nice to completely throw yourself into the mix of things?
We’ve always wanted to tour and we’ve always strived to tour, but whether it be because of van struggles or a member quiting or other shit that goes wrong, there has always been issues. So to now be able to consistently tour and be going pretty strong is refreshing.
People have been starting to notice that I Call Fives are diversifying who you’re touring with. Sparks The Rescue and The Dangerous Summer are bands that kids see you fitting with, but have never seen you tour with before. Has it been nice expanding?
It’s been totally different. We didn’t have any CDs on the Sparks The Rescue tour, we only had vinyl and a split. The weird thing was that little girls were walking away with vinyl. A girl who was like 13 or 14 bought a vinyl of Bad Advice, and her dad told her that it wasn’t a CD. It was cool that people were willing to pick up something and different out of their comfort zone. It’s cool that people were receptive because that’s all we can ask for. The reception in return was really nice. People didn’t write us off for being a little harder and heavier than the average pop band.
POZ: Do you want to keep diversifying in terms of touring?
Drew: Absolutely. We love to play shows with whoever. We can go either way and it’s cool to be in that position.
How has the reaction to the split with Rust Belt Lights been?
The timing on that split was a little rough. We recorded it before we went on tour with them, but it didn’t come out until after the tour. It did pretty well though. It’s been cool. I’m stoked on those two songs. I think people thought we were going a certain way with Bad Advice and we might have cleared up the direction that we’re going in. We want it to be quick and upbeat.
We spoke before the summer started and you guys mentioned that you had written 12 songs but were looking to write a lot more. How many songs are written at this point?
We’ve been doing the same. It’s difficult when you’re on tour though and in a van. We’ve been working on a lot of vocals because we’ve had a whole bunch of instrumental stuff and we’ve been screwing around with stuff making it as best we can be. What sucks is that we keep pushing back the recording of the record, but that’s only because we’ve had a chance to tour. Before we thought we were going to record in August, but then we got on The Dangerous Summer tour. Then it looked like we were going to record in late-October, but now we might be going to the UK. It’s a bummer, but it’s been cool because it’s been about cool things. It’s an awesome problem to have. We’re going to keep writing until we’re done with touring and go into the studio and do it. The timeframe kept getting pushed aside. Now we’re going to keep writing until we’re done touring. I’m just excited to do it already.

So you’ll definitely hit the studio before the year ends?
Yeah. I really thought for sure that it’d be in August or September, but now it’s looking like November or December.
POZ: Album out in the spring?
Drew: That’s what it’s looking like. We keep pushing it back, but when the fall is over we’ll be recording the new record. We have a few options about producers and we’re seeing who to go with. We’ve done everything with Kory Gable, but we’re open to some ideas since this is our first full-length.
Will the album be released on No Sleep?
It’s funny because the last time we spoke I was sure it’d be on No Sleep, but it’s going to be coming out on a new label. Nothing is 1000% yet. I thought it was going to be No Sleep, but it didn’t work out like that.

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