PropertyOfZack Playlist : : Clash Battle Guilt Pride Tour

by Zack Zarrillo - Oct 7, 2011

We kicked off our new PropertyOfZack Playlist feature earlier this week with the Major/Minor Tour, and the reaction was great. Today we’re stoked to be bringing you our second edition of the feature with Such Gold, Fireworks, and Polar Bear Club on the Clash Battle Guilt Pride Tour. Check out the Playlists and enjoy the write-ups!

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The Suicide File - Song For Tonight
The perfect ending song. It describes feelings of dependency and hopelessness so beautifully. Heavy as fuck but gives you the chills at the same time. - Skylar Sarkis
Bridge and Tunnel - Call To The Comptroller’s Office

I love everything about this band, but this song is especially great. The music rules, especially the transitions, and the lyrics are so real; uplifting without being watered-down at all. - Skylar Sarkis
No Warning - Short Fuse 

Off their CD Ill Blood, its the ultimate “get pumped” song. It’s fast, pissed, and puts me in the mind set to play. - Devan Hubbarb
Acceptance - Take Cover

Off their CD Phantoms, it’s super chill, but still up beat. Great driving music. Acceptance to me is such an underrated band, that brings me back to my highschool/early college years. More people should check them out, even though they broke up a few years ago. - Devan Hubbarb
Fugazi - Great Cop

This is a band that I think everyone should be exposed to at some point in life. I think this song captures an awesome balance of energy and originality. - Ben Kotin
Bad Religion - The Defense
I first heard this song on an epitaph compilation when I was a kid and it blew me away. I always thought it was a little heavier than most other Bad Religion songs but still infectiously catchy. - Ben Kotin
All - Think the World

This is, in my opinion, the best song to come out of the Descendents/All catalog. I love the tight, upbeat, short and to-the-point song structure and the no-nonsense, honest lyrics. Every time I throw on “Mass Nerder”  my day is instantly brighter and better; ‘Think the World’ is placed as a perfect midpoint in a perfect record. - Nate Derby
The Progress - Paper and Ink *Song is not currently on Spotify
Years before singer/songwriter/virtuoso Evan Weiss started making waves with Into It. Over It. and Stay Ahead Of The Weather, he sang and wrote songs with The Progress. I fell in love with The Progress in my early teens, and even booked them in my hometown once. This song comes from their only full-length, “Merit”, and is my personal favorite off the record. The Progress’ impeccable indie-rock/pop-punk style is shown off best in ‘Paper and Ink’, featuring a bouncy, driving rhythm, dynamic guitar and vocal melodies, and super catchy lyrics. Every time I’m alone in my car with this record on, I can’t help but sing at the top of my lungs. - Nate Derby
At The Drive-In - Pattern Against User

This band was extremely influential to me when I was younger and still is today. This song rules because of its solid, driving rhythm section, ambient leads, and aggressive vocals. It also has a groovy bridge that quiets down and then explodes again into the chorus at the end. I love the lyrics in the bridge, “if this clock keeps ticking away/ will time be hesitated?/ of all the minutes that were taken away/ will your watch be waiting?” I can relate to the regret of wasted time, as I feel anyone can. - Devan Bentley
Death Cab For Cutie - Styrofoam Plates
Death Cab For Cutie has also been a huge influence on me and they’re great to listen to when you want to relax. Lately, I find myself listening to more relaxing indie music when we have time off from touring. Also, Jason McGerr is one of my favorite drummers to listen to. All his recorded drum sounds are so natural and he’s great and finding the pocket but still being very creative and dynamic. This song is a great example of him staying in the pocket at the start of the song, then breaking out and basically leading the band with a drum solo, and finally returning to the pocket with an awesome groove at the end. The guitar work and vocals are soothing and this band’s records are always solid front to back. - Devan Bentley

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Tour Songs - Chris Mojan

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When doing 8+ hour overnight drives, a good playlist or podcast is pretty crucial to the driver. I need a playlist with strictly hits that will help keep me awake. So give daddy (me, being daddy) some sunflower seeds, a red bull and some tastey jams and I’ll drive this bitch into the sunset. - Goose Henning

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