PropertyOfZack Interview : : All Time Low

by Zack Zarrillo - Oct 28, 2011


PropertyOfZack had the chance to chat with Alex Gaskarth from All Time Low yesterday for a great interview. Alex and I discussed how touring throughout 2011 has been for the band, reception to Dirty Work, writing and demoing for a new release that may come sooner than later, and much more. Read up and enjoy!

Dirty Work has been out for over four months now. The band has done major touring in support of the album throughout the entire year as well. As 2011 comes to a close, would you say the year has been a success?
I would. We spent a lot of time out on the road this year, which is always a big success for us. We love being on tour. It’s a big part of what this band does and how we believe in running our band. It’s been amazing. We’ve had a really good time and it’s been fun playing the new songs live. It’s just been an interesting journey with the new label and all that.

Putting album numbers and all that aside, are you happy with how fans have been receiving Dirty Work?
Numbers are a little bit deceiving right now. It’s hard to tell how your record is doing based on actual numbers these days. I don’t think it’s an actual representation anymore with any record. The numbers are what they are. As far as people coming to the shows and singing the songs on a global level, things have been absolutely amazing.

Touring in support of the album started in the spring with Yellowcard and then in the summer with The Starting Line. Was it kind of peculiar for you guys to be headlining shows with those bands as support for extended periods of time?
It was very surreal. We grew up listening to those bands. I remember standing front row for both of those bands at one point in my life. It was cool having them on the tour and it was awesome getting to know them as people. We’re pretty good friends with all those dudes now. We’re huge fans of both bands. I’m really stoked about what Yellowcard is doing as well. That new record is awesome. It was cool getting to tour with them as much as we did and getting to watch them make their comeback.

Has this been one of your favorite years for touring just in terms of who you’ve been with?
I’d say so. We continue to see growth in touring on a worldwide scale. Our shows continue to get bigger, even in the States where it’s tough to sell anything.

All Time Low is now out on the road with The Ready Set and He Is We. How have the first few dates gone?
Really good. It’s a cool tour because we’re doing a lot of B and C markets in smaller cities that we haven’t played in in a long time. Today we’re in Toledo, which we haven’t visited in two years. It’s rad for us to be able to do a tour like this and visit cities that we may always not get a chance to.

How many new songs have been worked into the set?
I think we’re playing five new songs. Four or five.
POZ: Have they been picking up steam since the album was released?
Alex: Of course. The album has definitely grown and I think word of mouth has definitely helped. Like I said, I don’t necessarily know if the record sales represent the amount of people who know or have the songs. There’s no noticeable different between us playing new or old songs. If anything, I think people are more excited for the new ones.

I believe the band filmed a new music video as well before heading out on the road. When might we see that?
I’d say within the next couple of weeks. We should be getting the first edit tomorrow, and then we’ll probably make some comments on it. It doesn’t take much longer after that to get it out.
POZ: Can you reveal any details about the video?
Alex: Without giving too much away, it’s our first serious video ever. It’s a narrative video and we got some really great actors to portray a few parts. It’s kind of a unique take on the idea that love is a struggle and that you have to kind of fight for it and rid yourself of the forces that try to tear it apart. We got to work with some really cool people and we had fun making.

Before headed out on this tour, fans got excited at a tweet regarding you laying down some vocals on a new demo. Have you guys been demoing much?
I have been working. We’ve already started working on new music. This is the first time that I’ve been working on music from the road. It’s really cool. We have a lot of ideas brewing already. I’m really excited about the direction of the new music and where everything might be going. We’re pretty excited. It’s possible that people could expect another form of release sooner than later.
POZ: And you’ll continue writing on this tour?
Alex: Yeah, I don’t see any reason to stop. We have quite a bit of this winter off as well and I think I’ll continue writing while we’re home in December.

More in that mind frame, you stated in an interview or two in the past that the album sales for Dirty Work maybe weren’t as extraordinary as you had hoped for, but with the current climate it’s hard to tell what’s what. Has it been stressful dealing with all that while on a major?
Yes and no. I know that Interscope would like bigger numbers because it’s the standard that they work under. I don’t necessarily think it affects us though. They understand what kind of band they signed. They know how hard it is right now. The fact of the matter is, singles are selling, and if you don’t have a Top 40 single then you have no chance. It’s not something that we’re that interested in. We’re focusing more on staying on tour and keeping on the road and grinding it out.

So after this tour is finished up, the rest of the year is empty. The plan for then is to keep writing and to relax?
We’ve been on the road for 300+ days, do we’re going to spend December off and catch up with family. We already have tours lined up for next year though. We’re going over to the UK at the beginning of the year with We Are The In Crowd and The Maine. Right after that, we’re supporting Simple Plan in Canada. We have plans in the summer, but we can’t talk about them yet.

Are you looking forward to the Simple Plan run since it’s a support tour?
Yeah, tell me about it. It’s been fucking impossible to get support tours. We’re in a strange place right now where there aren’t a whole lot of bands where it makes sense for us to support I guess. We’re super excited about it though. Simple Plan are rad dudes. It’s another band that is making a comeback right now, and they put out a great record. Canada is their home too, so I think the tour is going to be absurd.

Will there possibly be a spring tour as well?
There’s potential for a spring tour after Simple Plan. I’m not sure yet what it’s going to be. We do have plans in the works though.

The small venue tour this time last year was a huge success. Have you entertained the thought of doing another one?
We have thought about it. I loved that and I thought it was really cool. It’s definitely a possibility. It’s one of those things where you do when you have time to do it. It’s a giving back to the fans kind of tour. If nothing else comes along, then we probably will end up doing something like that since it’s so much fun. Next year we’re going to focus on getting some support tours and stuff like that though. 

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