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by Zack Zarrillo - Sep 28, 2010


Greg Dunn of Moving Mountains was kind enough to answer some questions for PropertyOfZack regarding the band signing to Triple Crown Records, their new album, as well as touring plans. Moving Mountains and PropertyOfZack have been collaborating on content for nearly a near now with each other, so I’d definitely like to give a big thanks to Greg and congratulate the whole entire band on signing to 3Crown! Read up and enjoy it, it’s a good one!

For the record, could you state your name and role in Moving Mountains?
My name is Greg Dunn, and I play guitar and sing in the band.

So it was just announced that the band has signed to Triple Crown Records. First off, congrats, but when did talks between the band and the label start?
Thanks. It’s hard to remember exactly, but I remember meeting Fred (the owner) for the first time when we played the Receiving End Of Sirens reunion show. We were excited when rumors were floating around that the label was interested in us - as they were on the top of our list for a while.

Was there any hesitation to sign with a label with the current state of the industry?
There’s always hesitation, with any big decisions. We had been in negotiations / talks with labels for almost a year - so there was tons of moments where I wanted to just back out and continue doing things unsigned. But it was a good learning experience. You sort of see what’s going on behind the curtains - and it can be scary place. But at the same time, there are still a handful of people who are still very passionate about music, and see things similarly to the way we see things. Yeah, the industry is kinda crazy - but everybody is sorta in it together.

What made Triple Crown standout from the rest?
A number of reasons. Mostly, our immediate relationship with Fred. Being from New York, it was easy to talk, and meet, and really get a vibe of who we would be working with for the greater half of our music career. It was a very easy process going over our record deal, and discussing things we liked / didn’t like. He’s also very open with allowing his artists to be creative in their own regards - something that was very important to us. 3Crown sort of approached us, and understood what our band was about - and we never felt pressured to do anything other then what we want to do.

Along with the label announcement, the band also announced plans to release a new album in 2011. Is the record completely written at this point?
The record is completely written. We hope to begin tracking within 2 weeks. 

Last time we spoke you mentioned that Underoath was a big influence behind the newer material. Will that be audible on the record? What’s different on this from past material?
They have been, among many, many other bands. I think I was just on a huge kick of Lost In The Sound the last time we spoke, hah. It’s such a great album. But anyways, I think you’ll find all the good parts that make up Moving Mountains, in a more concentrated format. Less filler - or “cutting away the fat” as we like to say. When I listen back to our older albums / material - I find myself picking out parts I love, and then feeling like certain parts just shouldn’t be there. This album is finding that balance between ambience and rock.

When in the New Year would you ideally like to have it out by?
I’d love for you to hear it the second we finish recording it, but realistically - we’ll probably be looking at an early spring release. But you never know. 

Was there talk with the label about bringing a producer on for the recording, or at the end of the day was self-production the more comfortable way to go?
There was. We had talked to a few producers before signing to any label, and was actually shopping around at the same time. We were so close to going to a few places, but like you said - at the end of the day, we just felt most comfortable with me recording the record. I think we’re looking to work with a producer on the next LP, however. But that’s down the road.

Will Moving Mountains be playing any local dates before the album is released or will that be the only focus?
Most likely, we won’t be doing any major, or local touring until we get this record done. But you never know, we may do some stuff! 

Can we expect constant touring after the release?

Thanks so much for your time!

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