PropertyOfZack Interview : : Forever The Sickest Kids

by Zack Zarrillo - Nov 1, 2011


PropertyOfZack had the chance to chat with Kyle Burns of Forever The Sickest Kids just a few days ago for a fantastic interview. Kyle and I discussed the band’s sudden new song (lyric video can be seen here), leaving Universal Motown Records, what the future holds in terms of releasing and recording more music, and much more. Read up and enjoy! 

For the record, could you state your name and role in Forever The Sickest Kids?
I am Kyle Burns, and I play drums in Forever The Sickest Kids.

First things first, many fans were taken by surprise just moments ago at the notion of the band releasing a completely new song tomorrow. The news seemed to come out of nowhere. When was this track recorded?
That is a great question. This is all happening so fast, but that seems to be what happens in Forever The Sickest Kids. There’s really no schedule or planning with us. We recorded this track about three weeks ago, right after the departure of Marc, our guitar player. We were getting together and starting to write, and we wrote this song. This is the second song that we wrote. We couldn’t wait. We literally submitted it to digital distribution and wanted to get it up there as soon as possible.
POZ: So this was totally a spur of the moment thing?
Kyle: As of a week and a half ago, yeah. We had all the tracks recorded and we mixed it, mastered it, and sent it ff.

How was it writing the song without Marc?
It was alright. It happened so fast, and we’re going to miss Marc like crazy. I just hung out with him a few days ago when he had a break from his schedule. Writing it without him was crazy because he does a lot of leads. He’s so creative and he’s such a talented musician. He does a bunch of lead guitar stuff. There were times when we were writing the songs and were like, “Lets do a lead here!” And we realized it’d be a great spot for Marc to jump in and do one [Laughs]. We had to improvise and come up with other creative concepts to portray what we really wanted to say with the music.

Was it hard to get an approval from the label considering your album only came out seven months ago?
It was smooth sailing. This is actually our first release from Forever The Sickest Kids solo. We just did it alone. Universal Motown fell apart four or five months ago. Motown is now a catalog for their classic artists. All the other artists vanished off the label, and we were one of those artists. We were all on our own. We recorded it and mixed it all on our own.
POZ: So the band is currently label-less?
Kyle: Absolutely.
POZ: Is that weird for the band, considering it’s the first time in a long, long time that you haven’t been on a label?
Kyle: Towards the end of the death of Universal Motown we were definitely ready to break free of the relationship. We love them so much still, but we’re at a moment in our career where we want to test our wings. We want to fly as a band off of a label for a minute. That’s what we’re doing right now.

Are there tentative plans to sign anywhere immediately?
Not as of yet. We have definitely been talking with a bunch of labels on plans of actions. We might be starting some relationships, but we hit the pause button for a minute. We want to see how we do on our own since we have the knowledge and capability to do so.

Since you’re off the label, is the cycle for the self-titled album over?
The self-titled album was released months ago, and we love the album and it’s doing well for itself. We still push it as hard as we push the first EP we ever released. Our music is our music. We’ll always push our songs no matter when and where they were released. All of that music is still owned by Universal, and we’re cool with that.

After this tour, will the band be looking into the future, or are you going to continue touring on this album?
We’re doing the Simple Plan tour with The Cab and Marianas Trench. When we get home we’re jumping back into the studio. We started six songs, so we’re going to finish those songs and write and record some more. We’re going to get ready to release that in the upcoming months. We’re going to keep pumping out music for everyone to jam out to. That’s why we released the new song, to show people that we’re about to kick in the door.

Jonathan has mentioned in the past that it’s possible for the remaining Weekend EPs to be released. Is that what these recordings are going to be?
We’re literally talking about that right now. I just left the guys in LA, and that was one of our conversations. We’re going to see how many songs we can get together in November, December, and January. We’re going to see how many songs we can get together and see if it’s LP or EP worthy. We’re still discussing those options, and it’s exciting because we don’t even know ourselves.

The band going out on the road with Simple Plan and The Cab tomorrow. How excited are you guys for the dates?
I feel like this is our first tour ever. All four of us are so excited to get back on the road. We’ve done some shows with Simple Plan and The Cab before. We’re ready to get out there and to play some new music. We feel so fresh and new. There’s this weird vibe to it that we’re excited for. We start tomorrow in LA and we end up in New York.
POZ: Will you be playing the new song live?
Kyle: Absolutely. We’ll start tomorrow with it. I’m going to mess up so bad [Laughs].

Before this tour, you guys hit the road on a brief college tour in September. How were those shows?
It was really fun. It actually turned out to be quite small. It was a small turnout. AT&T asked us to do it, and then AT&T hired a promotions company. It was free for everyone, but it was confusing. Dates were getting switched at the last second and we showed up at a venue in Chicago and they told us we were playing a different venue. It turned out really fun despite the promotions company changing things around. It was a lot of fun though. We saw a lot of bands that we hadn’t seen in a long time.

This tour ends, and then when are you going to hit the studio?
We do the first leg of the tour, then we’re taking a break in Dallas to shoot a music video for the new song on the 9th, 10th, and 11th. We jump back on when Simple Pan comes back to the US after they go down to Brazil for a little bit. Then we pick back up in Chicago and we head up east. We’ll drive back to Dallas after that, take a few days to hang out with friends and family, and then we’ll jump right back into writing to finish up these songs.

When would you like the release to be out?
We’d like it out in the spring, absolutely. I would say maybe at the end of February or early-March.

Will this be self-produced?
We are self-producing as of now. We may team up with some random producers here and there for fun to get some outsiders perspective. We like to get some outside perspective. We may team up with our OG producer back at home on a couple tracks. We don’t know yet.

Fans have been somewhat concerned about the band’s structure as of late considering Kent left at the beginning of the year and Marc just departed as well. And now you’ve of course told us that you left Universal. Has it been a rocky few months?
It has. Between everyone leaving and the label situation, it all happened in one year. On the flipside, we really saw this huge light and the benefits of everything happening. Marc gets to be at home with his wife now and can start a family. It hasn’t ever scared us one bit though. We’ve been all smiles and are looking forward to the future. We’ve seen it happen to a lot of our friends in bands. Like the Paramore situation with members coming and going. Panic! At The Disco too. Fans stick to the concept of a band and the actual band that’s there. I think the excitement is still there for Forever The Sickest Kids.

What’s the plan in terms of touring after all this?
We’re heading overseas in February to do the whole international routing thing where we go to Australia and all these great countries that we’ve hardly been to. We’ll be back in the States to do some US runs as well.

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