Members Of Amely Start New Band

by Zack Zarrillo - Nov 9, 2011

Three members of Amely, Petie Pizarro, Patrick Ridgen, and Nate Parsell, have confirmed that they have formed a new “rock” band called Sovereign Soldiers. This comes following the news that Amely would be breaking up and releasing their final EP within the next few weeks. You can check out a quote from Pizarro below by clicking “Read More”.

We have actually announced our breakup as a band so this EP is a farewell EP that we self recorded, produced, and mixed. The entire process from start to finish was created by the band alone in Raleigh, North Carolina. It is a digital only release and will be on iTunes and Spotify November 21st.

Thanks so much for supporting Amely you guys, it really means a lot to myself as well as the other dudes. AP really lifted our spirits when we saw ourselves in the readers polls multiple times. Thanks so much for everything.

Also, for your curiosity… 3 of the members of Amely including myself are actually starting an all ROCK band (Not pop punk), called Sovereign Soldiers.

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