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by Zack Zarrillo - Oct 18, 2010


PropertyOfZack got lucky enough to speak with Ben from You, Me And Everyone We Know just before their debut full-length was released! Ben and I spoke about their current tour, thoughts on their label, and the future. Read up and enjoy!

For the record, could you state your name and role in You, Me And Everyone We Know?
My name is Ben. I’m in a band called You, Me And Everyone We Know and I do the singing for the most part.
The official release date is almost here. How are you feeling to finally get it out there?
I’m feeling great. We’ve been trying to put out a full-length for three years now. We’ve obviously had some hiccups in those plans. We’ve had to release two EPs in the meantime, but I think these songs we wrote are the best we’ve written. I’m excited. I’m even more stoked to have Doghouse involved with the record and things are just looking good. I’m excited.
Like you said, you’ve experienced a lot of hiccups as a band as when you started writing this album the faces in the band were completely different. Is it a relief to finally be able to get it out as much as it is a joy?
Yeah, definitely. This time last year we weren’t sure of the future for the band. But things are looking great. Everything has had to happen exactly as it has in order for us to be here now.
I think the record has leaked, but how have the few songs that have been released been accepted so far?
I think it looks like people are digging it. I think we’re a band that doesn’t write for one particular genre, so we’re able to dabble in different areas and I think people like that.

Do you mind that the record has leaked?
No, we were only bummed that they were old shitty versions. We’re cool with records leaking, but we just made sure to have the crappy version if it taken down. We built this band on giving away music so there’s no reason for us to suddenly have a problem now, especially if we’re holding true to the way we started the band.
What’s your favorite track on the record?
For me, it’s the title track. I’ve mentioned it before, but it was the last song we started working on as a band before things kind of fell apart for a while and it was really a special moment for me to kind of think, “Hey, we might actually return from the dead.” I’d say that one has the most sentimental value for me.
How would you compare this material to some of the past EPs that the band has released?
I think the best way to explain it is that it’s a combination of both EPs. The first one was very raw and the second one was extremely calculated. There were a lot of people who said we didn’t know how to write. They said we wrote interesting songs, but nothing that was extremely catchy. So that was what the second EP was: Very calculated, we wanted to show people we had the ability to write songs. For this full-length we kind of took what we loved about both efforts and combined them.
The band is signed to Doghouse for this release. How has the relationship been between you two at this point been?
We’ve known that label for years. We’ve kind of danced around each other and somehow things kind of aligned in a great way to allow us to work together. So at the very least it’s relief. I couldn’t been more thrilled. They’re helpful, they do things that we don’t have time to do. Doghouse to us is what I think a label should be to bands. They’re not making shit happen for us, they’re just making sure our engine is running nice.
And is it definitely nice to have that extra little hand on your shoulder helping you out when you need it?
For sure. As any label will, they’re getting us in doors we’re not necessarily able to get into ourselves. For the past year or so we’ve kind of been sitting in a feeling that we didn’t know what else we could do with the band as an unsigned band to get any bigger. So it was very fortuitous that they came along once they heard that we were recording and it was rad that they wanted to work together and work with us. It’s been great. In addition to Doghouse, our manager, Danny, has been a godsend for keeping everything organized and reminding us to get things done when they’ve got to get done.
I know it’s just a one album deal, but if things do feel right, a couple years down the line, would you be open to putting another record out on Doghouse?
Absolutely, whatever we both want to do. I have no complaints now and I don’t foresee there being any issues. They know how to run a label and we like that. They’ve been one of the few, if not the only, label that we’ve ever had a desire to sign to. I don’t see why not.
Is it nice to feel secure on such a prominent label at this time when things are anything but secure?
It’s good because it’s like, “We need CDs” and they’ll say that they’ll take care of it. Over the years of being unsigned we’ve amassed a small amount of debt and we’d like it to be paid off within the next month or so and they’re helping us facilitate that. They’re not helping pay off the debts, but they’re paying for the CDs so that we can use band money to get rid of old collectors.
POZ: They’re helping by not worsening the debt.
Ben: Exactly.
You’ve been out on the Can We Do Laundry At Your House tour for over a month so far. How was your time out with Queens Club and Take Cover?
It was great. The first leg is over; like you said it was with Queens Club and Take Cover and that was awesome. It was just great and awful to have to play after those bands every night. It was great to watch. It was not fun to follow. We need to start picking shittier bands to open for us.
Well you’re taking out Man Overboard next and they’re kind of blowing up right now. Are you looking forward to that?
I’m excited. I’m very excited about the second leg. Like you said it’s with Man Overboard and Take Cover and we’re doing the east coast and down to Florida and a couple Texas dates as well. It should be a great time.
How have the fans been receiving you guys?
Great. Some of the areas we played in the southern Midwest, the shows were smaller, but those fans were ecstatic and that’s all we can really ask. We’ll play for any number of people. We really barely recognize that there’s an audience [Laughs].
You guys don’t have anything on the books after this. Should we expect to see some more?
I believe after the October tour we got added to a House Of Blues show in Chicago with NeverShoutNever! and The Maine a couple days after Thanksgiving. That’ll be rad. Then sometime next week we’re announcing a December tour on the east coast, which will be a lot of fun. It’ll get me a little closer to home for Christmas. We’re still working on getting out to California in November. We had a couple things fall through, but that’s the way things go when you’re huffing it like we are.
Will the winter east coast tour be a headliner?
No it will not be, thankfully. At least not a singular headliner. We are not the biggest act on the tour, which is good.
Is Europe a possibility in your mind at all in the near future?
I can only hope. It would be great to see Europe next year, but who knows. My only real goal as far as touring goes next year is to do all of Warped Tour. It’s been a goal of ours since we started. It’s a wonderful opportunity and the dates that we did on Warped Tour last year got us quite hooked. There’s that and I’m just trying to see the country in front of more and more people.
The band shot a music video for “Some Things Don’t Wash Out” not too long ago. When should we see that released?
We did like a fan-generated video. We had people that were coming to our shows come out and tape the song and I guess that’s being compiled into a sort of live music video. As far as a real video is concerned, we’re still working on the scheduling for that, but we’ve got some stuff in the works. It’ll be announced in the near future.
Are there any b-sides from the album that we could maybe expect to be released?
There’s like one song that wasn’t ever really finished. We’re not really the best at writing b-sides. We’re not really the most prolific band. We’ve never come to the studio with a ton of extra songs. We usually show up to the studio with basically what we need to make the record happen. There’s one or two songs. We have a couple interesting ideas that will probably surface within the next year or so.
Should we expect any other announcements from the band in the upcoming future?
We’re gonna be in the New York Times on Sunday. That’s pretty crazy. The tour announcement and just the record. We’ve got to get through those announcements before we get to any other ones.
Thanks so much for your time!
No problem man, thank you for talking to me and giving a shit about the band.

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