The Used Partner With Hopeless Records For New Album

by Zack Zarrillo - Dec 15, 2011

The Used will be releasing their new album, Vulnerable, via Anger Music Group on March 27th and it will be distributed worldwide through Hopeless Record. Anger Music Group is a new company by the band that handles managing, production, and art design, among other things. You can read a full interview with Bert McCracken here and a snippet of the interview discussing Hopeless and Anger Music below by clicking “Read More”.

How much of an ordeal was it getting off of Warner Bros.?
It wasn’t an ordeal. They picked up the option for us to start making our fifth record, and then about a month later, they dropped us. That was it. We didn’t have to fight or anything. It was nice.

It’s kind of like one of those situations where you’ve been waiting to break up with your girlfriend so long, and then she’s like, “We need to break up.” So you’re like, “Fuuuuck, that’s not fair.” [Laughs.] “I was about to break up with you!”

What is the relationship between your own label and Hopeless? How is that going to work?
[The name] Dental Records was taken, so instead of starting a label, we’re starting more of a group that involves everything from managing to production to art design. It’s going to be called Anger Music Group. We negotiated a distribution deal through Hopeless. They’re going to distribute the record worldwide, and it all comes out on Anger Music Group.

Why did you decide to go this route?
We just don’t want to have to answer to anyone. We really wanted to do it all ourselves, put it out all ourselves, pay for it ourselves—but with the distribution. We looked into a few different distribution companies, but we cared for Hopeless the most. They had the most charitable minds and we’re really into giving money back at this point in our careers. They’re hugely passionate, and they have a great distribution team worldwide, which is amazing. It’s all we could’ve asked for. I think it’s going to work out great for everyone.


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