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by Zack Zarrillo - Dec 15, 2011


PropertyOfZack spoke with Drew from I Call Fives a few months ago, but we wanted to catch up with the band against with the news of their signing to Pure Noise Records. Drew and I discussed how the signing came about, the writing process for the new record, a possible release timeframe, and more. Read up and enjoy!

For the record, could you state your name and role in I Call Fives?
I’m Drew, and I play bass in I Call Fives.

Fans were pleasantly surprised this week by the Pure Noise signing. When did you start talking with Jake?
We started talking to Jake a little while ago when we had just gotten off tour with The Story So Far. It was probably in like August. It was awesome because we weren’t sure of where we were going to go with the record and it was cool that he was interested in doing it and we were glad that he was stoked. It was kind of funny just because AbsolutePunk posted that we were unsigned and looking for a label. I was flattered because everyone thought we were going to sign with Hopeless or someone, but it was definitely very flattering. We’re happy to be out our LP on Pure Noise. We think it’s going to be a better fit on Pure Noise instead of some other label where we could get lost in the mix. We were flattered that kids thought it we would’ve signed with a bigger label, and it was cool that people brought that up. We were just happy to be talking to Jake though.
I think some people thought it was going to come out via Mightier Than Sword. What changed?
Our manager, Buddy, works there. So there’s an initial tie, but Jake came to us early on. In terms of a team, Buddy already works for our band, but when Jake got in touch it was a separate thing and he has his own resources. He was so stoked on it, and we were happy to have someone interested in doing the record. That’s all you can ask for.
Things have been up in the air since the last EP. Is this the start of a positive future?
It’s really cool, finally. When the last EP with No Sleep came out, that’s all the contract stood for. Everyone thought we were on No Sleep, but we didn’t really make a point of it to say that we weren’t. Chris is a great guy and I really like the label, but we didn’t know what was going to happen after the EP came out. There was so much uncertainty. We didn’t know the next step. We’ve always had member changes too. We found ourselves touring, but there was a question of stability because we didn’t know when the record was going to come out and we didn’t know where we were going to record it. And there were member changes that affected the writing of the record. We’ve worked a lot of stuff and it’s been cool to know what’s going on. I’m really glad about the direction we’re going in. 
What kind of direction is the new music going in?
When we put out our first EP it was just really cool that people liked it. We changed singers with Bad Advice and people felt we were a poppier band. Then we put out that split and it was really more upbeat, and that’s how are songs are supposed to be. Maybe we’re a little poppier, but I don’t want to be considered a pop band. I think that’ll show on the new material. We’re not trying to be a pop band. I think Jeff has a cleaner style of singing, but we’re not The Maine or The Summer Set. That’s just not us. We’re not trying to become an All Time Low. We’re just going to conitnue to write songs that we like, but it’ll definitely be more pop-punky. That’s always been us. Without The Starting Line and New Found Glory we wouldn’t be a band. I just want to reassure everybody of that. It’s not going to sound how some people think it’s going to sound. I think it’s going to be straight-forward pop-punk.
How many songs have been written so far?
We have 11 songs actually done. We had a bunch last time we spoke, and we’ve had a bunch since Bad Advice. But we changed guitarists in between then and a lot changed. The intention back then was just to write songs, and over time we didn’t end up loving so much of them. Now we have 11 new songs more or less. We’ve gotten into the flow of writing songs now, and it’s cool. It’s hard to write a record when members are changing, but it’s been great now. I’ve never done a full-length, so it’s been different, but it’s been great.
When are you hitting the studio?
The initial plan was January, but when we did took The Dangerous Summer and Australian tour things changed. We got home just a few weeks ago. So now we’re going in in March. It’ll be released right before the summer.
Will there be touring before the release?
We’ll probably do a week or something when the record comes out. We have a few Glamour Kills shows coming up. Maybe we’ll do another acoustic songs and a split too. May or June is still a long time away. We want to stay fresh. We’re looking forward to the summer.
Are you stoked to be working with Paul Leavitt?
The Dangerous Summer have worked with him and this band Heroes For Hire did too. Buddy has a relationship with him too, so it’ll be cool. It’ll be interesting for us. We wanted to mix it up this time. Paul’s done great stuff, and it’ll be fun to work with him. 

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