Gaslight Anthem Drummer Starts Hardcore Band

by Zack Zarrillo - Jan 13, 2012

Benny Horowitz, The Gaslight Anthem’s drummer, has started a DIY hardcore band called Bottomfeeder. Derek Reilly, Corey Pereez, Dan King, and Mike Maroney are also in the band. You can read a full interview with Horowitz regarding Bottomfeeder here and a snippet of it below by clicking “Read More.”

You’re obviously a pretty busy dude with the Gaslight Anthem. Why add Bottomfeeder to your full plate?
I get bored really easy. I simply don’t do well with free time. I want to keep working. The way I look at it, too, is that someone gives me the liberty to be a professional musician now, so I’m not going to just jack off while I’m at home. I just want to play more music and write as much music as I can. I’d been trying to do something with Corey [Perez] from Let Me Run, because he’s from the same school and he’s a cool guitar player. So when me and Derek [Reilly] chatted and I realized he sang, I thought of Corey and I said, “Dude, fuck, we should start a hardcore band.” Corey knew the other guys [Dan King and Mike Maroney] and before we knew it, we were jamming out. And as hardcore goes, keeping it in the spirit of not being too complicated. The songs come out pretty fast. It just kicked off. It’s really a lot of fun. Everybody in the band is doing other bands and other shit. We get together and chill out and write tunes and go to the diner. It’s cool. It’s low stress and a lot of fun. I’m really enjoying it, you know?

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