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by Zack Zarrillo - Nov 16, 2010


Born Without Bones have officially released their debut album, Say Hello, as of today and Scott Ayotte from the band was kind enough to do a quick interview with PropertyOfZack in regards to it! Scott and I discussed a recent mishap posting on AlternativePress, the band’s members, influences to the album, and upcoming tour dates. Read up and enjoy!

For the record, could you state your name and role in Born Without Bones?
My name is Scott Ayotte and up until now I played every instrument in Born Without Bones.

False news was posted on Alternative Press today regarding the band in various ways. Could you go ahead and clear up all the misconceptions about demos and who exactly is in the band besides yourself?
Born Without Bones has been an active band since April 2010. Recently my friend Jim Creighton joined the band. Jim has played bass in Therefore I Am for the past 6 years and joined BWB this past month. AP also posted that we had posted three new songs on our myspace, which we did not. The only new song on the myspace right now is “Falling Asleep” and the other two are part of the demo version of Say Hello.

The music on your record was created completely by you, but how did you go about recruiting Jim Creighton and Kevin Fitzgerald into the project?
Jim approached me about the band shortly after Therefore I Am decided to break up. We had known each other for awhile by then but had never played music together. Kevin has been one of my best friends for a few years now but we had always been doing other music projects. He told me that if I was in the market for a full time drummer that I could count on him.

The decision to recruit other people into the band was a difficult one just because thus far I’ve done everything by myself. I didn’t know how it’d affect the dynamic of the band and I was really comfortable not having to head-bob anyone ever. I also didn’t want to get anyone involved in the band unless they were willing to put as much work into the band as I do. I didn’t think playing the songs acoustically was doing them justice this past tour I did with I Call Fives, The Tired And True and Handguns. That led to the decision of the switch to being a full band instead of a solo act along with how reliable and enthusiastic Jim and Kevin are.

Your debut record, Say Hello, comes out tomorrow. Can you talk about where most of the lyrical inspiration for the project came from?
Lyrically, Say Hello is about my relationships past and present. Not necessarily just girlfriends but friends and family as well. A lot of it is about either missing people or wanting to be missed.

Over what period of time did the writing take place?
Say Hello actually took a very long time for me to write. I started writing the record when I was a sophomore in high school. The last and oldest song on the record “The Camera Turns” was written when I was 16. The newest song on the record “You” was written in the studio this past July. So this record has songs from the past three years.

How did you enjoy your time in the studio recording the record?
I don’t think it was very conventional. I recorded in Lancaster, PA at Pin Up Recording with Kory Gable. I don’t know anyone in that area so recording every day from 10-6 and then having the studio literally to myself every night for two and a half weeks was very odd. Spent a lot of my free time on the phone or writing new songs. Recording itself was stressful as usual, especially playing all the instruments. Usually only the engineer doesn’t get a break but Kory and I were working all day every day on the record besides the occasional tosh.o break.

At the end of the day, what would you like people to take away from Say Hello?
I hope for the people that enjoy that record that they can find one song on the record that they’d take the long way home to finish listening to.

In the future do you imagine the writing process for the band to stay the same or might the other members be included in it as well?
Kevin and I have already written a few songs together. I actually wrote Falling Asleep with him at his house in Hopedale, MA. His drumming definitely influences parts of the songs we write together. I can only imagine that Jim’s bass playing will do the same for the songs. For the most part I will still be the primary songwriter.

Born Without Bones is not signed to any label, but has there been any chatter? If the album is well received might you opt to sign?
Not really a whole lot of label talk. I don’t know if being on label at this stage is a good idea or very necessary. The band just gained two members and the first record is just about to come out. I think I’m personally more interested in working really hard for awhile. A label is something I’d be more interested in down the line.
We are however releasing Say Hello on cassette on Neutral Territory Records. Pre-Orders for that will be available on 11/16 to coincide with the bandcamp release.

Born Without Bones have select tour dates starting the day after Thanksgiving through mid-December, one of which is with Transit. How much material should we expect to hear you guys play? What can we look forward to during the live show?
The majority of the upcoming tour will be just Kevin and myself. I’ve already done acoustic tours and I thought just adding a drummer was a sensible next step. It’s also made room for cool versions of some of the songs. We’ll be playing mostly half hour sets, 5-6 songs. You can expect me to awkwardly talk between songs.

Will we be seeing any support dates announced for the New Year?
We’re touring with The Tired And True again in January down the east coast. In February we’re going on our first full U.S tour with our good friends The Fake Boys.

Thanks so much for your time, is there anything else you’d like to add?
Support music. Listen to Kevins other band Sleepwalkers, you can find them on bandcamp. Our close friends The Hotel Year are about to drop one of my favorite records to come out this year so keep an eye out for that. I’d also like to thank you Zack for this interview and for your time.

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