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by Zack Zarrillo - Nov 17, 2010


PropertyOfZack was lucky enough to have the chance to interview Luis from The Secret Handshake last week and discuss the band’s new album, their change in sound, and future touring plans. Read up and enjoy!

The Luis And The Handshakes Tour is in its stride now. How has the headlining tour been going for you so far?
It’s been good. It’s been really fun, so I enjoy it. All the other bands are really good.

What’s been the general mix of material you’ve been playing?
Well be originally came into it planning to play something from every record, but people have only wanted to hear new stuff. As of the last few nights we’ve only been playing stuff off the new record.
POZ: Is it kind of awesome just that you’ve gotten such a positive feedback in such a short time period?
Luis: Yeah, it’s good. It feels good. I’m definitely happy with it.

Night And Day has represented a significant shift for The Secret Handshake in terms of genre. Were there any concerns to you regarding your fans and there being a gap in understanding from the old to the new?
Yeah, I think that was an obvious concern, but I felt like I didn’t really care. Suddenly I wanted to do whatever I wanted to do. I definitely thought some people weren’t going to get it, but it’s been cool. People are definitely coming around and it separated our real fans from our fair-weather fans, so that’s cool.

Can you talk a little bit about how did this shift come about?
It’s always something that I wanted to do. It was something I was really open to so it was really easy to put together. It really wasn’t that hard.

My Name Up In Lights, your third release, was put out just a year and a few months before Night & Day. Did you start writing for the new record almost immediately?
Yeah, pretty much. I sort of had two or three of the songs done and then I thought I would be able to write most of them later, but it really came down to sort of last few weeks of the record that I ended up doing the last ones.

Were the changes in writing automatically there?
Yeah, almost. It was honestly really easy. It felt like it was what I should have probably been doing the whole entire time, you know? It was sort of interesting. It wasn’t that hard to do. It was cool. It was really interesting.

Along with the normal release, a bonus CD was put out a well with nine remixes of the tracks. Was that fun to do as a way to keep some remnants of the old Secret Handshake alive?
Yeah, that was just to sort of help along the people that weren’t going to get it and who we knew weren’t going to get it. It was cool. It was definitely just a way to help along people who I really didn’t think were going to get it and it really helped.

So have you seen a bunch of new fans that have checked out the new sound and have decided that this is for them?
Yeah, we definitely got a lot of interest from people showing up to the shows that we never had before. That’s cool and you can sort of see it when you just look out. You can definitely tell. It’s a different crowd now.

Are you having a better time out there during the live show since this is closer to what you really want to do?
Yeah, definitely. It’s definitely a lot easier. Now I just do what I want to do and I can be myself and I think that’s something that’s pretty important.

You don’t have anymore dates set after your headliner finishes up. Should we be on the lookout for some early New Year dates?
Yeah, definitely something for the next year. We’ll definitely have something ready to go. We’ll definitely be out on tour. I’m not sure what the plans are right now though.

Would you like to keep headlining, or is support cool by you too?
Yeah, I definitely love supporting and headlining. Supports cool because you play to new people. I love it.

Is Europe or Australia a possibility by the end of summer?
Yeah, maybe.  We did Australia last year, so yeah, maybe we’ll go again. We’ll see.

Since you do seem to always be writing, would a smaller release or even another full-length be possible late next year?
I would say definitely twenty-eleven we’ll have something else out. I’m not really sure. I haven’t written anything for it. We’re just taking it step by step for now.

Do you see your style staying in the soul area for the time being, or might there be another kind of shift?
I think it’ll definitely be kind of soul based, but definitely something different. Maybe a little bit more beat based. I’m not sure. Maybe more sample based. We’ll see.

I almost feel weird asking this because I never really thought I’d ask anyone this, but how’s becoming a wrestler going for you? And for people who might read this and think I’ve lost my mind by asking that question, could you explain where this came from?
Dude, it’s awesome. It’s great. It’s definitely a childhood dream come true, for sure. I love it, man. I’m definitely super stoked and it’s a lot more interested and a lot harder than I thought it would be, but it’s pretty rewarding so far, so I love it.
POZ: Will you get back to training as soon as the tour is over?
Louis: Yeah, probably right when it’s done. Then I’ll get back to it. I’ll be back in December hitting it pretty hard.
POZ: Should we expect to see some updates from you on a frequent basis?
Luis: Of course. I try to stay as frequent as possible I will definitely have some stuff up.

Thanks so much for your time, is there anything else you’d like to add?
No, I think you pretty much covered everything. 

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