PropertyOfZack Interview : : Long Lost (Ft. Joe B Of Transit)

by Zack Zarrillo - Jan 19, 2012


Joe B of Transit has started a new project with Vinny Comeau called Long Lost. PropertyOfZack had the chance to catch up with Joe to discuss the project, how it will work alongside Transit, new music, shows, and much more. Read up and enjoy!

When did you formally decide to create Long Lost as a side-project?
It was right before Transit started writing Listen & Forgive
Vinny and I have been working on songs for sometime and decided recently to put a name to the project and play shows while I’m home between touring with Transit.
Were you finding a need to separate some of your newer songs from Transit material?
No, it’s just a completely different style of music with simple structure.
We write whatever comes to mind and what we think sounds cool to us at the time.
Have you found that as your writing skills expand you’ve begun writing songs that don’t fit Transit’s sound?
Absolutely, there are no break periods for me anymore I can develop and grow as a writer less pressure and deadlines.
Can you talk about your partner in Long Lost?
Vinny’s a wanka. We’ve been friends for about 10 years now
we met each other through mutual friends and local shows around the north shore. We started writing songs together for kicks and then really liked the direction it was going in so we decided just to start playing shows and record some of them.
Is the project going to stay acoustic?
We might turn a couple songs into full band songs but for now its just two guitars, and the two of us on vocals.
How many songs have you written so far?
We’ve written about 11 and I have about 50 pages of lyrics that alternate between Long Lost and Transit. We have a handful of guitar riffs left and more to come so the project is always a work in progress.
Are you looking to put out a formal release or a set of demos any time soon?
Yeah we’re going to record as soon as possible. We’ll probably release a free EP and then sometime later release a full-length.
Will Long Lost primarily exist during Transit’s downtime?
When I’m away touring with transit Vinny will be playing shows alone around the northeast and when I’m home we’ll be playing the shows together. 
Are you hoping to play more shows in the future?
Definitely our first show at the middle east in cambridge was a blast.If anyone is interested in having us play email us at We’ll play venues, house shows, outside wherever.
Any time a band member launches a side-project fans can get concerned about the state of the main band. Can you just clarify that Transit isn’t planning on slowing down any time soon? 
If anything Transit is picking up speed. We plan on touring for the next 6 months and we’re continuously writing even while we’re on road.
Long Lost is just bonus material of mine and an overall a fun project.

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