PropertyOfZack Interview : : Sparks The Rescue

by Zack Zarrillo - Feb 2, 2012


PropertyOfZack caught up with Alex Roy of Sparks The Rescue not too long ago for a brief interview. Alex and I discussed the band’s departure from Fearless Records, working on a new record, writing with Craig Owens, and more. Read up on it below!

For the record, could you state your name and role in Sparks The Rescue?
My name is Alex, and I sing in Sparks The Rescue.

The last year has been quite an interesting one for the band between touring with The Dangerous Summer, putting out a new album, and obviously leaving Fearless Records. Are you happy with how Worst Thing I’ve Been Cursed With did?
We put it out and it did well. We’re looking to the future now with our departure from Fearless, but we were happy with it. We’re looking to make another record now, but the past is the past.

Fans seemed to be very much into the album, but I guess it did seem like there wasn’t much of a push from Fearless after the release. Is that where the trouble started?

Yeah, for sure. There were a lot of issues getting that record out. We could have been on cooler tours too. We hunkered down with the record, put it out, and weren’t getting decent tours off of it. That was the hardest thing because we wanted to get Warped Tour and we didn’t get that. 

At what point did you and Fearless cut ties?

I think it was about two months ago. It just wasn’t working on their end and they cut the ties. We have no debt or anything like that and it was a good, clean cut. Bands often get shelved, and that’s not what happened with us.

The band did have a slow second half of the year. Was that because you were sorting things out?

Yeah, we were just sorting things out. We have a bunch of tours coming up though, which is great. We start the D.R.U.G.S. tour and then we have a big announcement coming for the end of March.

Do you think the D.R.U.G.S. tour will go over well considering the package?

I feel like it does well bringing different bands together. It’s more of an event this way. I’m excited to see how it goes. I think it’s cool to match different kinds of artists together. 

Following the announcement of the Fearless split, you launched a Kickstart that accomplished double its expectations. Did you think it would?

We hoped to reach our goal, and it was for the best. We were really excited for the response. Our fans are awesome and totally supported us. We’re gonna go back and write a record for them and do this.

Why are you looking to do another new album so soon?

We’re off the label. We’re just moving forward and trying to do something different now.

How’s the writing process for it so far?

It’s going well. We’ve written a few songs and we’re going to write a lot on the next tour. We’ll have a few weeks together after the tour to write too. We’re probably going to write about 30 songs or so. 

When do you want to hit the studio?

We’re expecting to hit the studio in the spring. Definitely before the summer. 

Is Sparks open to releasing this album on a label once recorded, or do you not see it happening that way?

We’re going to be on our own. We don’t want to be tied down to a label at this point.
POZ: Are you nervous to do it on your own?
Alex: I’m excited. We just want to keep touring and put it out on our own. Maybe in the future we’ll go somewhere, but we want to do this independently and to have it out during the summer.

And we’ll see more tours announced after the current one?

Oh yeah. We’ll have a few more tours to announce. We’re stoked for that.

What’s the album sounding like compared to the last one?

I don’t know, it’s a little different. It’s going to be cool. I’m writing some songs with Craig Owens for the record too. We’re stoked to work with him. We may be collaborating with a few other people too. We’re stoked to see what we can do. I met Craig once before like four years ago in New Hampshire, so I’m excited to work together. 

The band is turning a page right now, but was it tough to push through?

It was definitely a turning point when we got dropped. We didn’t know what was going to happen, but stepped back and looked at the bigger picture. We have amazing fans, so it’s working out.

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