Miss May I Discuss New Album

by Zack Zarrillo - Feb 3, 2012

Miss May I are currently in the studio with The Machine recording their new album. You can read a full interview about the record here and a snippet of it below by clicking “Read More.”

Your last few records were recorded with Joey Sturgis and now you’re recording with Machine, who has done records for Lamb Of God and Cobra Starship. What was behind the decision to go with a new producer?
We wanted a new sound, and [Machine’s] not really a metal guy; he’s more of a pop producer. That’s why we wanted to go with him. He had more of that catchy feel. We were already metal guys, and that’s what Joey [Sturgis] was; he would tell us already-metal things. But we wanted a pop guy to tell us how to be a poppy metal band—we already knew our metal. It’s worked out great. We’ve definitely changed a lot of sounds and tried a lot of new stuff. We didn’t want to write the same album three times—we felt our first two albums were too similar to each other.

How is the recording process different this time around?
It’s nice to get someone else’s opinion and actually sit back and listen to the songs and realize, “Oh, this actually isn’t that good.” A lot of the stuff on the last CD I know I wasn’t proud of, because we had to just throw them on there. We were touring non-stop, so we just wrote when we could and then put it on the CD. This time, we actually recorded the whole album and sat back and rearranged songs. We got to be a band and write an album together.

During pre-production, we would sit in this huge room and everything is mic’d up and we have headphones on—it’s literally how, like, Rage Against The Machine does it—and we just jammed. We pre-[produced] the album for about two weeks just writing songs and putting them together. When the guys got done with songs, I’d go pre-pro vocals—so we’ve actually already recorded the whole album. As of about a week and a half ago, we started doing guitar tracks and finishing drums and I started vocals [yesterday].

How many songs did you guys record this time around?
Twelve. There were 14 songs, but two of them didn’t make the cut.

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