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by Zack Zarrillo - Feb 20, 2012


PropertyOfZack spoke with Jenna from Tonight Alive not too long ago for a great interview about the band’s new album, signing with Fearless, touring, and much more Check it out and enjoy!

The band has been around for nearly four years now, but are now making a mark in the US. Are you stoked to finally get a chance in the States to tour and release music?
It was always our dream to grow enough to set foot out of Australia and into the rest of the world so to be playing shows and releasing music in the states is a dream come true!

It’s rare that many international bands get a chance to grow in the US, but Tonight Alive has been talked about for years. Can you just talk about the differences you face now playing in the US versus Australia?
I think coming from Australia you only get one chance out there; you have to take the opportunities you get and make every single day count. I think taking that mentality over to the states has worked in our favour. It’s fun starting all over again and building new foundations! Now coming home is the reward at the end of every tour. We’re proud of our country and our fans are proud of us so the vibes are out of this world at home shows!

Tonight Alive signed to Fearless Records back in November. Is there a reason it took a while to sign to a label in the US, or were you just waiting for a perfect fit like Fearless?
We were definitely waiting for the perfect fit. We’d been talking to labels for a while before Fearless popped up on our radar, but it was their team and ethic that caught our attention and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

How has it been dealing with a label Fearless’s size outside of Australia so far?
It’s been perfect for us. Personal relationships between business and the band are really important to us so we feel really confident with Fearless! The album was received really well in Australia. The album tour that we played upon the release of What Are You So Scared Of? was a huge success and definitely something we didn’t expect. We booked larger venues than we’d ever headlined before and to be able to see some of our favourite venues in Australia sell out was a little unbelievable. We’re really excited to take the album internationally and tell the world what it’s about!

The band had released two EPs before the record, but how was it writing a full body of work for the first time?
Both EP’s were a collection of songs rather than a body of work as you described it. Especially our first EP; that track listing consists of some of the first songs we ever wrote as Tonight Alive. When we were done with recording it we started writing again but this time for a full length record. To hold off our listeners in the meantime we put out ‘Consider This’ at the end of 2010 which were actually 3 songs that we’d written towards the album. What Are You So Scared Of? was written over the following year and captured a lot of different learning experiences personally and as a band.

What was it like working with producer Mark Trombino?
It was perfect for us. We connected really well with Mark and learned a lot about ourselves through working with him. He was really mellow but very switched on. He knew what we wanted and he knew how to push us to get it! We definitely came out better musicians and a better band on the other side!

Was the band able to get Mark Hoppus from blink-182 on guest vocals due to Trombino’s relationship with Hoppus? Have fans been into that song as well?
We had been looking for a guest vocalist for the album but between the 5 of us couldn’t agree on anyone so Mark sneakily took matters into his own hands and contacted Hoppus. He presented us with the idea and I was honestly speechless. Blink were responsible for a lot of the reason we all love and play music so it was kind of a no brainer to have Mark Hoppus be a part of our first album!

Tonight Alive are about to head out on a UK tour with Young Guns. What will your set list be like?
It has 3 songs from the first EP, 2 songs from the 2nd EP, a cover and 4 songs from the full length!

Following the Young Guns tour, Tonight Alive will be keeping busy in the US for a lengthy tour with Go Radio. It’ll be the band’s first tour in support of the album in the US. How stoked are you for that?
We’re so excited knowing the album will finally be out and we’re looking forward to seeing the differences between our first two American tours and the Go Radio trip. It will also be our last chance to make a mark out there before we head out on Warped Tour for the Summer so I think it’ll be a good one.

Do you guys have nerves about truly setting foot in the US this year in terms of touring?
I think we’re ready!

Do you think it’ll be difficult to stay away from home and in the country for half of the year, considering the band has all but confirmed a spot on Warped Tour as well?
We’ve been on the road since early February last year so let’s just say I think were going to be ready for some time out after Warped Tour!

Have anymore touring plans been confirmed past the summer?
We’re looking at revisiting the UK, hitting Japan and recording another full length!

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