Set It Off Discuss New Record

by Zack Zarrillo - Mar 2, 2012

Set It Off just finished recording their debut LP, and frontman Cody Carson recently did an interview to discuss the new record and it’s sound. Check out the full interview here and a snippet of it below by clicking “Read More.”

Since you guys are pretty far in the recording process—how is everything sounding? What are you most excited about?
[Last week], I finished lead vocals. Right now, all we have left to do is lead guitars and harmonies. Strings are pretty much done—that’s what we were doing [the week before last]. I was writing a lot of strings and whatnot and putting it on top of the songs. Every night, they leave the studio unlocked for us, and we’re so excited that we’ll just go in there and listen to what we have so far.  We were very proud of Horrible Kids, but this album is just a different level, and we’re very, very excited about it. I just want to release it now, but we can’t.

You had noted earlier that the new stuff is heavier. In what specific way?
I should be careful when wording that. It’s not that we’re a metal band now, or “screamo,” but what is true to us is that if you heard our old songs, there was a bit of heaviness to that. What’s really present on this album… we’re very theatrical when we present our story. If it’s a darker subject, there is a lot of angst and neurosis that goes into that song— and that, I feel, could be translated as heavier because of the fact it’s not necessarily the same sounding. In fact, in one song, Zach and Ken think I sound like the Joker from The Dark Knight. Not that I’m going for that, I just really try to get into character for each song as far as the mood goes. It has that diversity, but it still sounds like Set It Off.

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