PropertyOfZack Special : : The Industry With Jesse Cannon

by Zack Zarrillo - Mar 17, 2012


We kicked off our bi-weekly column called The Industry With Jesse Cannon a few weeks ago, and we’re stoked to bring it back. Jesse Cannon has been a great friend to PropertyOfZack for years now and has produced bands like Man Overboard, Transit, and Lifetime out of his Cannon Found Soundation in addition to having a great website called Musformation, which fueled the fire to reboot his Contributor Blog feature into this new special feature. In this week’s feature, Jesse tackles Google Play, AT&T, a possible iTunes streaming service, Rdio, and much more. Check out the second feature below and be sure to come back every two weeks for more!

Google Music is now known as Google Play. You are probably wondering what I am talking about since, like Google+, no one really is using this service. With that said, there are some cool things about it. It, for one, is an easy way to give away music for free and DIY bands get on it really easily. As for fans, well it’s just another service that doesn’t have much all the other music services don’t. Hopefully this is one of Google’s “slow-grow” successes.

While many of the dinosaur bands like Metallica and Coldplay shun streaming music services like Spotify and Rdio - the smart and innovative lads in The Temper Trap have released their new record exclusively on Spotify. This is a smart move since it will make their new release even more social. This band got their following doing many smart social moves and not using conventional advertising and this move is surely a smart one many other groups will be mimicking.  

Radiohead have bucked convention again (and I am not talking about Thom Yorke’s awful “Dad Ponytail”) and started to work with the service TicketTrust. This service ensures when a fan really can’t attend a show they can sell it for a reasonable price to another fan. This takes away the horrible scalping and second hand ticket pains and allows fans to be able to listen to depressed songs with annoying atonal keyboards, errr I mean see their favorite bands without having only the fans who can afford crazy prices be able to attend.

AT&T has found another way to make their users hate them. They are now imposing even larger data limits on their customers which will subsequently also make them shy away from bandwidth hogs. This throws a big wrench in the idea behind streaming music services since it will have many users shying away from them and going back to illegal downloading. 

It seems rumors are heating up that around the time of the really amazing version of Apple TV, Apple will also start to directly compete with Rdio and Spotify and do their own music streaming service. Many have guessed the iCloud service and iTunes Match are just a gateway step to this, seeing as music fans get addicted to streaming music, they will no longer feel the need to spend $10 on every album they want. 

IODA and The Orchard have merged. What this means is that two of the largest digital aggregators are now one. What this could mean for the music business is this new service will have much more leverage to get royalties from stingy services like Spotify. It could also mean if they decide to shun a service, the service could be missing many of your favorite records. 

One of the things that always puzzles me is why more people don’t use Rdio over Spotify. To my eyes, it is a way better browser for streaming music and I find their App way less buggy. If you are one of the smart few who use Rdio, you can now enjoy their brand new look, which I find even better than before. 

Turntable.FM now has a license with all four major labels. This makes the service all the more legitimate and gives it a bit more of a future for a service that has hit a few speed bumps. Now if only they could get people interested in the service again, which will probably happen when Google and/or Facebook inevitably buys it up. 

The Billboard charts now track music streaming services! Took them long enough! A huge step in the direction music consumption is going and can also mean big things for bands who know how to promote those streams as well as the charts being much more representative of what is really happening in the world of music.

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