Yellowcard Album Expected Out Late-Summer/Early-Fall

by Zack Zarrillo - Mar 21, 2012

Yellowcard are in the midst of recording their new album with Neal Avron, and frontman Ryan Key recently did an interview to discuss the inspiration for the band’s new album. Key also confirmed that the new album should be out sometime after the 2012 Vans Warped Tour. You can read the full interview here and a snippet of it below by clicking “Read More.”

When you were writing, describe a normal day for you. What was that like, having such focused inspiration?
Most Yellowcard songs, we write the music, play it as a band and feel out the energy and how the push and pull of the sessions of the song are going. Then we’ll demo it in some way, and I will write melody and lyrics over the music. I would say about 80 percent of our music has always been done that way.

We did 100 percent of it that way this time. Because of the amount of time we had, we spent the first part of the writing process finding music and ideas we were excited about. And then once we were able to start demoing them, a typical day [for me] was go to the rehearsal space and work on a demo all day, from lunchtime until 8, 9 o’clock at night. I’d swing by Trader Joe’s on the way home, pick up a bottle of Two Buck Chuck, and head to my house and just get out the laptop, the pen and the acoustic guitar and start working on the lyrics. I made myself work—that was the thing, I wasn’t going to be complacent and I wasn’t going to let myself feel, like, “Oh, well, I just wrote a record, I have nothing to say.” You can tell yourself that, but it’s never true. If you’re a songwriter, you sometimes have to dig a little deeper, but there’s always something to say.

I made myself stay focused; I just made sure I got it done. The days were long; the days are still long. But I’m happy I put in that extra work, because it has allowed me, during the recording process—even in the first week-and-a-half—to be so much more involved in other parts of the record. As the music industry changes, and the recording processes get shorter, the budgets get smaller, all those things. There’s just less time to make a record. On the last album, for example, I didn’t get to play very much guitar at all. I was working so much on lyrics and melody, even throughout the day. So now that it’s all done, I’ve been able to be there for all the drum sounds—and so far have played guitar right alongside of Ryan Mendez on every single song. Which is awesome, to be back in the studio playing guitar again, because I’ve allowed myself to have the time to focus on those things. It’s all good things.

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