PropertyOfZack Interview : : We Are The In Crowd

by Zack Zarrillo - Mar 27, 2012


Following the release of their new music video featuring Alex Gaskarth, PropertyOfZack is stoked to be posting a new interview with the band that reviewer Jesse Richman conducted at this year’s SXSW Festival. In the interview, Jesse and the band discuss Best Intentions, touring, the decision to redo a song from their album with Alex Gaskarth, recent “drama” regarding Hopeless Records, and more. Check out the great interview below!

Can I get a quick rundown of your names and what you do in the band?
Tay: I’m Tay [Jardine], I play the kazoo and I sing.
Mike: New talent?
Tay: Yup. 
Mike: I’m Mike Ferri and I sing. 
Jordan: I’m Jordan [Eckes] and I play guitar and sing. 
Cameron: I’m Cameron [Hurley] and I play guitar. I’m just going to start saying I do random things. 
POZ: We’re going to put that kazoo thing on the interview and that’s going to end up on your Wikipedia page. 
Mike: Actually, the three of us got kicked out of the band on Wikipedia recently. We didn’t know why. We were ex-members. They had Jordan playing for Guns N Roses.
Jordan: Yeah, I was in Guns N Roses for like twenty minutes, I took a picture of it. 
Mike: And they love to create new ex-members, like dudes that were never in the band. Apparently Goot was an ex-member of our band . He was under the ex-members. 
Tay: And Alex is a band member now. 
Mike: “Alex Gaskarth joins We are the In Crowd. Headline: “When Two Singers Just Isn’t Enough…Get Three.”

Best Intentions has been out for six months now. How do you think it’s gone over with the fans so far?
Tay: We were really surprised with the outcome of all that. The record came out the same week and the same day as like a thousand other bands that are way bigger than us.
POZ: Yeah, that’s a tough time to release. 
Tay: Yeah. So we were really worried about it. But it seemed very positive and it was more than we had hoped for. 
Mike: I think everyone wants their first record to be like the …Is A Real Boy situation, where it becomes this instant cult classic. That didn’t happen, but we’re still real pumped on it. 

It seems to be building pretty well. You guys have been on the road the entire time since it came out. How has it been touring?
Mike: It’s been a lot of fun. We’ve been doing a lot of touring. 
Jordan: I think it’s because we did a lot of international touring. It was almost like inspiration to keep going.
Cameron: It’s not like domestic touring got boring. But the international touring brought something new to it.
POZ: How was Brazil?
Tay: It was beautiful. It was a little scary.
Mike: Yep, terrifying. No, we had security with us. It was crazy. The kids there are a lot different than they are here. They are really touchy-feely and super crazy. So yeah, Tay had a Justin Bieber moment. You got Biebered. 
Tay: I got Biibered. 
Mike: It was like a red carpet type of creepy thing. 
POZ: I guess they just don’t get a lot of American bands down there so when they come it’s a really big deal?
Jordan: We open up the van to get out and it’s like “AHHHH!”
Mike: This girl one time makes it through the fence. 
Tay: This is a good example. I had a whole wrist full of bracelets and they’re gone. They were snatched. They are all gone. And they were given to me by my fans. But they were taken as well by fans. 
Mike: Their enthusiasm makes me enthusiastic, but I’d like to leave with my skin. 

How’s the Every Avenue Tour going so far?
Jordan: It’s good. We only have…
POZ: Yeah, you’re in the home-stretch now. 
Jordan: It’s been a while. It’s been like almost five weeks. 
Cameron: The tour did go by really, really fast. I don’t know if it’s because we left like halfway through. It’s been really fast and a lot of fun. 

So let’s talk “Kiss Me Again.” How did the whole thing with Gaskarth come together?
Tay: No, he just became manager, and it was kind of his little child. Thinking like, “Hey why don’t we try this?” and we were like, “Alright. Yeah, let’s try it.” And we did. There wasn’t a lot of thinking, we just went for it. 
Mike: We had been on the fucking world tour with them too. We played on like five continents with them. And he just kept singing the songs. I think it just made sense. We thought we might as well have him record it when we release it. 
Jordan: We shot a really cool video. It’s coming out the 26th. 
POZ: Tell me about shooting the video.
Jordan: It was awesome because we got to shoot it at home, which was a first for us. 
Cameron: At Mike’s house actually. 
Jordan: Yeah and all of our friends and family were there. 
Tay: All our friends and family were there…drunk at 11 in the morning. We did all the live shots in the morning. All our friends and family were the crowd in the basement. I didn’t even realize people were getting drunk and then we were performing and I see my sister in the corner and she’s pretending to know the song. And his brother crowd surfing in a basement. 
Jordan: With the cat in his hands. 
Tay: It was insane. And I had bronchitis.

How are fans responding to the re-recorded version of the track? What are they saying?
Jordan: It’s a lot of “love it”/”hate it” type response.
Tay: It’s a lot of that. I know a lot of people might be kind of worried that we’re kind of taking away from Jordan or something like that. There were a few comments like, “Why isn’t Jordan singing?” 
Jordan: I didn’t care. 
Tay: It’s always exciting to do something a little different. That’s the whole point of it. And some people really love it. There is a lot of All Time Low fans that had never really heard of us or knew of us. That was kind of cool too. Yeah, it’s good. 
Jordan: There was a lot of debate in the forums like, “I love Jordan, but I love Alex” and some that were like, “I feel so bad for Jordan. They just left him in the dust like that.” I don’t care. I think this is awesome.
Mike: At the risk of sounding like I’m trying to make a really bad joke, I think the fans that hate it, hate it with the best intentions, because it’s like they are defensive.
Jordan: It’s true, yeah. 
Mike: It’s like they feel like Jordan’s being replaced or something. Or they’re like, “It’s cool, I love All Time Low, but I liked the song the way it was because it was a We Are The In Crowd song. Now it seems like it’s not.” I appreciate that. 
Cameron: It’s like two different versions of it. 
Jordan: Free Jordan Eckes!
Mike: I appreciate people going to bat for us. We don’t need to be defended here though. 
POZ: At least it’s cool that you have got fans that care that much. 
Mike: That’s all that matters though. 

So, with that coming out, what’s next for you guys in 2012? More tour plans?
Mike: Southeast Asia, we’re doing…
Jordan: Japan…
Mike: A headliner in the UK in April and then… 
Cameron: Warped Tour.
Mike: We’ll be there every day. 
POZ: I remember seeing you at the little tiny stage. Was it like two years ago?
Tay: Yep.
Jordan: That was the best summer of my life. Everyone’s like Warped Tour is a fucking bitch. I loved it. 
Mike: That was two years ago. The background on all of our phones was pictures of us from Warped Tour two years ago. Really in shape and tan. I was like, “this is what we need to do.” This is what we’re going to be looking like this year. The worst is that I showed my picture to someone that works for us now that didn’t then, and they were just like “Wow…” I’m like “Wow, now I feel fucking terrible about myself.”
Cameron: It was Keith. He was like “Wow you guys got ugly.”
Jordan: That’s what touring does to you. You eat a lot of fast food. 

The album has a lot of momentum under it, but any thoughts of getting back to writing more or recording more?
Cameron: Yeah, we’re always trying to write.
Tay: There are definitely ideas that sprout up here and there while we’re touring, but for the most part, we wait until we have some free time to get things going. We usually don’t finish the things we start on tour. 
Jordan: It’s tough to focus. You just want to keep to yourself and keep recharging when you are on tour.
Mike: Everyone’s always thinking about it. It’s always in your head. So when you do come together, it’s like everyone has already got a lot of stuff to fight about. But out the gate, which is good. 

You guys are playing a bunch down here. Have you had the chance to catch any other bands, or hang out? Have fun?
Tay: We actually cancelled a lot of the shows that we were supposed to play. So we’re only playing one show now. Yesterday, we saw The Used with fun. They went and saw Skrillex and Motion City Soundtrack. 
Jordan: A couple of people saw Cartel and Set Your Goals. It’s cool.

I heard it was some issue since you got bumped from the official festival.
Tay: Yeah, but it’s always a blessing in disguise. Because playing a lot of SXSW dates is hell. 
Cameron: It’s stressful. 
Jordan: It’s a great way to lose your voice.
Mike: If I was playing last night, I wouldn’t have had as good of a time I don’t think. Because I would have been stressed out. 

I’ve got to ask before we go, and feel free to say nothing on this one. A couple of Tweets you guys sent out a couple of weeks ago raised some eyebrows…
Tay: Yeah. We haven’t really talked about this at all. Basically, there was a decision that was made for “Kiss Me Again” that wasn’t a make or break decision, but it was something where we wanted it one way, and somebody at the label wanted it the other way. It kind of burned a little bit hearing, “Nope, it’s not going to happen.” For me it was just a spur of the moment, “This is bullshit” kind of thing. I’m over it. I’m definitely over it.
Jordan: A lot of the Internet thinks that because we’re a pop band that we don’t write our own songs or there’s someone puppeteering us.This is an example of how that never happens. Because the time it kind of happened, we got mad and belligerent. Mike got really drunk that night.
Mike: I was literally the drunkest or second drunkest I’ve ever been in my entire life. I actually got kicked out of a bar for trying to break a pinball machine. I don’t remember any of it.
Jordan: In our hotel room he sounded like Chewbacca. He was throwing up all over the place.
Mike: I never throw up. But that was the day that happened. So I just remember sitting in the van. I was like “Fuck this!”
Mike: We like the label. Honestly, there are three labels that I could think of that I would like to be a part of, and Hopeless is one of those. So we lucked out.
Tay: Absolutely. 
POZ: And there’s something to be said that if it’s getting to the point when you’re having those kind of conflicts, that means that the label really cares about what you guys are doing right now. 
Tay: Yeah, that’s exactly it. And like Mike said, we are proud to be part of Hopeless. It was just something that got blown out of proportion but at the same time I think we were all excited to see that happen. It was interesting to see people’s reactions and the things that people said on that post were hilarious. 
POZ: And it was very non-specific what you put out there. 
Tay: Exactly. It looked like we had gotten in a fistfight with them or something. 
Jordan: It’s like the game telephone when you’re a kid. You tell a secret and it goes around circle and come back different. 
Mike: By the end of it it’s like, “Well, Cameron has a sex tape. And the label wanted to release it, but the band didn’t want to do it because it was with Rob and didn’t want anyone to know that the two of them were together and they don’t write their own songs.: 
Cameron: Mike is plotting to kill Eric Tobin. 
Jordan: News headline: “We Are The In Crowd: Terrorists?”
Mike: I love the way it ended up, and I love that certain bands like to fucking open their mouths too. 
POZ: If nothing else, there is no doubt that you guys run your own Twitters. 
Mike:It’s dangerous to throw stones if you live in a glass house. 

by Jesse Richman

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