Armor For Sleep Frontman Releases Statement On Disbandment And Reunion

by Zack Zarrillo - Apr 2, 2012

Armor For Sleep stunned fans this morning by announcing that they would be reuniting for this year’s Bamboozle Festival. You can read a statement from frontman Ben Jorgensen regarding the decision originally break up and to now reunite below by clicking “Read More.”

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It’s been a few years now since we decided to bow out of existence…well, to be honest, it was not really that much of a mutual decision to end things when we did and how we did. Ultimately it was me who pulled the plug and I don’t think I’ve ever really been clear on that.

Our band existed as its own entity but there was always something that we relied on from the energy of the scene we grew up with; the scene without which we never would have existed. When I saw that begin to die all around me, to me it felt like we were dying too. The well had been tapped too many times. Everything became cliché.  The bubble we rode on which propelled us and so many bands like us towards the spotlight began to deflate in a grotesque way and being a part of that really took its toll on what I wanted to do and the excitement I had about playing music. I guess I couldn’t bear to hang around on life support watching vital organ after vital organ fail- so when the lights were out I crept in and pulled the plug. To be so quick and decisive about it wasn’t fair to the other dudes in the band and it wasn’t fair to everyone that loved our band. I fully admit that now. That was selfish on my part. But I don’t regret ending things. Looking back I think we all knew that unless we drastically changed many things about what we were doing, we could not go on. Well we could have, but we knew what would have been left would no longer have been us. 

So years have passed. We’re all really happy in our lives (I’m pretty sure). PJ has an awesome band called Love Automatic, Tone graduated from NYU in a way in which only a truly gifted person could, Nash moved to Brooklyn and is pursuing his drumming career, and I am working on my own stuff and quite content living in NYC, being newly engaged to the love of my life, and just greatly enjoying my time here on Earth. 

To me, the need to bring back Armor for Sleep for some kind of reunion or farewell shows was never really something I was dying to do. Walking away from it was hard enough so entering that whole world again seemed easier just not to think about. But then I got to talking to Tone about Bamboozle. Bamboozle was in many ways our birthplace. It was the first time promoters gave us a chance to showcase who we were. We started building our fan-base there and we owe a lot of the success we had to Bamboozle (and Skate and Surf) for giving us a chance at the beginning. 

When Tone mentioned that Bamboozle was back at Asbury Park this year I kind of froze. We kicked around the idea of doing something just to have a book-end on a huge part of our lives that never had an ending. For the first time since we disbanded I felt like playing Bamboozle this year would be the perfect way to officially end what was so special to us and to so many of you as well. So Bamboozle reached out. And we accepted. 

We never got to say goodbye and for those of you out there who want to send this out with us once and for all, please join us. I’ve been re-visiting the AFS records and I really want to play some of the old songs for everyone that maybe were left out of our sets at the end of our existence. We played around with the idea of doing strictly a DTMB set or strictly a WTDWYAD set, or both, or neither; not sure what we’ll choose but we’re open to your suggestions. 

We have no motivation for doing this other than to get up on stage and say goodbye properly to the people out there who never got the opportunity to see us one last time. Like Sam Beckett in Quantum Leap we will strive to “put right what once went wrong”…and then just like him we will poof out of existence. But for good this time- we promise.

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