PropertyOfZack Interview : : Tyler Carter

by Zack Zarrillo - Apr 5, 2012


PropertyOfZack spoke with Tyler Carter just a few days ago for a great new interview. Tyler and I discussed the time in between his departure from Woe, Is Me and first public performances, adjusting to a solo career, writing and recording, a release schedule, and a possible new band with ex-Woe, Is Me members. Check it all out below!

Since August, fans have been intrigued about your solo career and they’ve finally seen the first glimpse of it with your SXSW performance and this tour. Has it been great to actually be visible?
Yeah, it started off rough. I was shaky at first and didn’t remember how to do this. Once the tour started, I actually had my fans coming out to see me and it got a lot more comfortable. I’ve finally started going crazy and have been doing my thing.

You were obviously a frontman before, but there were many different band members around you. Now you are literally the face.
Now the spotlight is on me. Like I said, it was nerve-wracking at first. I didn’t really give a fuck in Woe, so I shouldn’t really give a fuck now. I’m just going out there and am going apeshit. I need to make it look like I’m having fun, because I am. That’s what I do at practice because nobody is watching me. So why not give everybody something to go home talking about. 

Have fans been supporting your transition?
I think a lot of people are afraid of admitting that they’re interested or into the solo stuff or into this type of music. After they come to the show open-minded, they always leave telling me that it was better than they expected and all that. I think people are catching on and that it’s going fine.

A lot of lead singers in bands who have a similar sound to Woe do solo projects, but you broke away from the band completely. Did you expect to have to regroup with fans?
It’s not really regrouping. People come out and they’re die hard fans, period. They’re that much more stoked when they hear the new songs and the style and stuff. When I say that I finally kicked it up into gear on stage, it’s because I realized that I used to put so much energy into my performance to get people to move and that I need to do that now too. I’m very affirmative to get people involved. I don’t really take no for an answer. It’s awkward when I ask you twice because I get aggressive when I ask you to put your hands up. It saves the crowd from any kind of awkwardness and everyone gets involved. It’s fun because everyone feels it. The music is dance-y and fun. The energy is all still there. 

Has the set list been all new songs?
I play “Side To Side,” which is my only official release. We play a version of “Fame Over Demise” as well that everybody knows. All the other three songs that we play are brand new. We’re trying to release these songs soon.

Can you talk about the time between leaving Woe and this tour? We know you were working hard, but what exactly were you doing?
I was in LA, New York, and all over the place for months. For a little while, I sat long and hard and thought about what I was going to do and what I wanted to do. I was getting songs from random producers and I was writing a lot, but it wasn’t that good. I started telling myself that I needed to do something that would take me further than I expected. I couldn’t just sit around my house and write songs. I took the initiative and started networking and going to shows and meeting people. I met my manger and he fell in love with me. He and his partner were stoked about my voice and writing capabilities. Next thing I know, I’m out in LA working with tons of producers that are platinum producers and writing singles and stuff. I got confirmed for this tour while we were out there. We had to take a break so I could be with my fans.

Would you say that you’ve found your direction now?
I can’t even say that I have. There are so many little style things that you can do in this industry and genre of music. We haven’t quite found what we’re going to roll with, but it’s all me and my heart and my individuality. I’m sure whatever we end up settling with will be great.

And do you have songs legitimately recorded yet?
Yeah, we have finalized songs that we’ve been pushing around and listening to. We don’t know what we’re going with yet. You’ll hear songs in a few different styles, but it’s me doing what I love to do. It’s fun.

Do you want to release something smaller at first, or do you want to put out a record?
We’ve been talking about releasing a single in a week or so with a music video and everything. I really want to put out a few songs for my fans. It’s not always in my hands or what I want to do when I want to do it. There’s a whole formula for things with rules.
POZ: And you are with Rise right?
Tyler: Yes, I am still on contract with Rise.

After this tour ends, will you be recording or touring more?
We’re going to record some more. Hopefully I get a summer tour, but we’ll definitely be writing and recording more.

Would you like to have a full-length out this year?
I want to put an EP out or something even if I have to scramble together a mixtape. With label development and growing as an artist, it could take a bit to find my place in the industry.

Are you content with taking your time to develop yourself?
I don’t want to screw myself over. There’s a formula and a way to do it, and we need to play it smart. Sometimes we cut songs and I don’t like them when I listen back to them. Some songs don’t show Tyler Carter as an artist. We have to second guess and do our best.

Your solo material lends itself to pop music and pop touring, which is way different from what Woe, Is Me was used to. Are you picking and choosing tours more carefully?
It’s not really up to me or my managers. They’re not going to put me on a tour that isn’t going to compliment me or make me shine. I don’t think my agent would be put on tours that aren’t suitable for my music.
So in the next few months you’ll be touring and trying to release some new music?
I don’t want to not tour, but the plan is to develop me and recreate Tyler Carter and just really find myself. It’s a lot of soul searching and hard work. I’m not going to stop until it’s done. Music is all I have to look forward to. We’re going to keep working. I’ve got a long way and plenty of time to get there.

In the last week or so, there was excitement about you forming a band with other former Woe, Is Me members. 
It’s in the thought process and works. It’s something I may or may not work on when I’m home. Ever since they all left the band, we’ve gotten close again. We’ve started to see eye to eye on the whole reason behind everything that happened. We’re a lot closer now. It just may be something that we do. I know I said before that I wasn’t into other projects, but I was a little bit torn from my experiences. It’s a personal thing for me to want to be a solo artists. It’s where my heart is for now. 

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