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by Zack Zarrillo - Apr 9, 2012


PropertyOfZack had the pleasure of speaking with Andrew from Comeback Kid not too long ago for a brief interview. Andrew and I discussed the band’s current US headliner with Such Gold and Living With Lions, the end of their Symptoms + Cures cycle, writing for a new release, and more. Check it all out below!

For the record, could you state your name and role in Comeback Kid?
I’m Andrew, and I sing in Comeback Kid.

This tour is about halfway through and it’s your first run in the US this year. How have the first dates been?
They’ve been cool. The band kind of all met in Minnesota and that’s where we practiced for a few days. We headed down to SXSW and did a showcase there, which was really cool. We did a few other mini-festivals around Texas too. We went to Florida and it was funny because we felt like we were totally out of winter. Now we’re on the east coast and it’s super cold again.

Was SXSW a fun way to kick off the tour?
It was super hectic, but fun too. There’s just so much shit going on there. It’s definitely a little overwhelming, especially because you see so many people from all over the world that you know. We were lucky that we got there early. All the shows so far have been really, really well attended and all the reactions have been super good.

It was announced before the tour started that the band had parted ways with its guitarist. Have fans been supportive of the move?
Yeah, they’ve been really cool. Our friend Stu, from Living With Lions, is going to be playing with us. We’ve flirted with having him in the band ever since Casey joined. There have been a few member changes around. He’s a guy that we’ve known for a while. He’s filling in now, but we’ll see what happens.

Comeback Kid mixes it up with the bands you tour with whether it be bands like Four Year or Underoath or younger bands like The Wonder Years and Such Gold. Is it a conscious decision to switch it up?
We like to bring out different kinds of bands in the punk/hardcore/metal realm that make sense. Part of us choosing bands definitely revolves around our friends. Living With Lions are really, really good friends of ours. I didn’t know too much about Such Gold, but our agent told us that they were a good band and we checked them out. We asked Foundation to do the tour. Unless it’s weird, like one super heavy band and the rest pop-punk bands, then I think it doesn’t all need to be the same and it can mix well. I think it’s cool to mix up tours. It’s nice to have a band you can go off of.

This is the first official headline for Symptoms, but you have been touring extensively on it. Would you call it a successful cycle?
Yeah, I think it’s been really cool. We went really hard for the first year and a half. We’re still touring and have stuff booked, but it’s mostly for festivals. We have a tour in the fall in the States, but we’ll probably try to get something written before we do another full US thing.
POZ: So this is the start of the winding-down process?
Andrew: Definitely. My other band, Sights & Sounds, will be busy too. Comeback’s drummer got married, so we had three months off. I actually went out and toured Australia and Europe with my other band. We’re going to write a new record for that.

Do you see time being spent more evenly between your two bands now?
I think it kind of goes in waves. In 2009, Comeback Kid did stuff but not all the time. That allowed me to do my other band more. You just have to figure out the scheduling. That’s the hardest part.

It’ll be two years since the last record has come out this coming summer. Has Comeback been writing?
We have a few things. We might do something that might not be a full-length, or we might release a couple singles.

The band does have dates throughout June. This summer, will you be taking more time off?
We’re just doing Sound & Fury and maybe a few other festivals. We’re doing some more festivals in Europe as well.

So the plan over the summer is festivals and writing?
Yeah, we need some time off.
POZ: There’s fall stuff too in the mix?
Andrew: There’s a tour that we’ve confirmed, but we can’t announce. Ideally, I hope that we can find the time to get together to release a 7” or something before that that might be a prequel to the next thing we put out.

Is the band still signed to Victory?
We’re under contract with them for another record, unless they let us do something random. We’re fine with the label.

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