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by Zack Zarrillo - Apr 17, 2012


PropertyOfZack is a huge fan of The Forecast, and the band has officially released their new album, Everybody Left. The band was kind enough to write-up a new Track-By-Track guide for PropertyOfZack for fans to dive into the deeper meanings behind each of the songs. Read up and enjoy!

Everybody Left
This was one of the first songs I wrote for the new record. We used to have a practice space back in Peoria that was in a barn on a little lake out in the sticks that we shared with our buddies. We would always be hanging out and practicing, maybe having the occasional drink or two… A lot of great memories were made in that space and I wanted to pay my respects to that.

Clear Eyes Full Hearts
I wrote this song after I had gone back home a few months after I had moved for a weekend. Being away and coming back really made me notice some things about a couple of my friends that I never saw before and it really bummed me out. 
Tony gets real metal with the drum fill at the end, and I love it.

Like A Habit
I was trying to channel a little Promise Ring “Very Emergency” on the chorus and a little Moneen on the bridge. Might be one of my favorite bridge’s we have ever written.  This song came together better than I imagined when it was first written. The demo was a little sketchy….


This song is a little older. We originally wrote it a few years ago and then forgot about it. We pulled it back out, dusted it off, gave it a little AC/DC treatment in the verses, and boom it felt like a whole new song.

Sing It Out

This was actually the first song written for the record.  I like to think of this as part 2 of  “And We All Return To Our Roots”. This song kind of got me out of the haze my brain was in musically. It kick-started the engine for the new record and I think I tried to reflect that in the lyrics

Skipping Stones

This song is about the struggles of leaving what is comfortable and how hard that can be. I think this is something a lot of my friends struggle with, wanting to move and try something new but being scared to pull the trigger. Sometimes you just have to pull it or you will be stuck forever.

Figure It Out

This song came about after a long day at work and my buddy Jon Lullo (who is really a 5th member of the band) was over and we were throwing a few back if you will. We started messing around and this song just kind of happened very quick and very organically. Kevin also put down a tasty little solo in this one. We’ve never really been a band with solos but this one seemed to work pretty well.

Take Me Down

From the start I wanted Shannon to sing a song on this record. I love the way Shannon’s voice sounds when she is holding back a bit and not belting it out in the verses. She never has really done that up until this record and I think it really makes this song stand out.

Way We Were

This is also an older song we demoed sometime after the release of ITSOTG. We tinkered with it on and off over the last few years but didn’t think it belonged on the self-titled record. As we were writing Everybody Left it just seemed like it finally worked for this record. Originally, this was one of the fastest songs we had ever written which is why we probably never found a home for it until we slowed it down a little and found the sweet spot.

Last Stand

We actually wrote this song in the studio with our friends Jon Lullo and Dan Shepard from The Seams.  We didn’t really have an album closer and knew we wanted to get something with a Jimmy Eat World vibe to close this record out.  Lyrically I wanted the end to remind me of  “Chimera Obscurant” by The Velvet Teen. Weaving in some old song titles to finish off the story.

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