D.R.U.G.S. Writing New Album

by Zack Zarrillo - Apr 19, 2012

D.R.U.G.S. recently toured overseas with Black Veil Brides, and frontman Craig Owens confirmed that the band has been busy writing for their next release. Check out a full interview here and a snippet below by clicking “Read More.”

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So in the last year you did Warped and the AP Tour and then you did Strength In Numbers earlier this year yet you still managed to release some new material. What’s happening in terms of the second album?
Well there’s a lot of writing taking place, but I think most of all we’ve been at it non-stop. The [current] record came out a year ago and we’ve been writing it for almost two, and going at it for also two years including recording the record, and doing press up to the record and touring right up to the record, so it’s the end of our record cycle after this tour basically. We’re gonna go home and reflect for just a minute.

Take a breather?
Yeah, I told my managers the other day that I don’t want to talk to anyone for a week, don’t contact me for a week, I just need to breathe. And I’m obsessed with business, that’s the kind of guy I am, an overachiever and a hardworker. I’m worn thin by this point but I’d like to give my best these last two shows and then go home, reflect, and see what my next step is.  Hopefully take time off until at least the summertime, until May at least.

A well-deserved break! Obviously writing can be a pretty cathartic experience, do you ever worry that you’ll run out of things to say, or putting yourself out there for too much scrutiny?
Sometimes but the best part about that is, the more vulnerable and nervous you are about something you write, means it’s better. All the stuff I’ve ever been nervous about releasing ends up being the most successful, so I think that when you rput yourself out there is the moment people can really connect, that vulnerability is what led them to rock and roll in the first place. I think without that, if you lose touch you just become a machine and numb, so if anything I try to tap into that even more and try and make myself feel more uncomfortable by being twice as honest or twice as forward. I think you can hear that in the new D.R.U.G.S record, I’ve been more so than I ever have previously.

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