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by Zack Zarrillo - Apr 24, 2012


For The Foxes have officially released their debut EP, The Revolution, via Hopeless Records. PropertyOfZack is now happy to be teaming up with the band to gives fans a look into the meaning behind the songs with a new Track-By-Track with Nick Dungo from the band. Check out the feature in full below!

Sinking Like A Stone
We wanted to start off the EP with a cool organic piano intro where the tempo was different from the rest of the song.  I love when songs do that;  it gives off a cool almost broadway feel.  The message that I wanted to get across in this track is stated in the first and last lines of the chorus, “Love is such a losing game”.  We all know what it’s like to be in a roller coaster ride of a relationship.  The lyrics talk about someone who is always hoping to get a little more from the one they love, and for things to be perfect.  Sometimes it’s better to accept things for what they are and let go.  My favorite part is right when the bridge kicks in.  We love the guitar tones from the first two The Strokes records, gaining inspiration from that we thought a similar tone would be perfect for that part.  My voice gets a little grittier in the chorus, and it was definitely a cool experience to record that way.    

The Revolution
This is my favorite, and to me the best song I’ve written so far in my life.  There’s no tiptoe-ing around the lyrics or the meaning.  It is what it is, and all of the lines are little snippets of my growing up.  It all revolves around a girl that I dated when I was younger, who was and still is a very influential and important person in my life.  Although as much as I’d like to say “We need a revolution” is meant to be a strong stance for something occurring in today’s society, the truth is that it’s meant to display my personal revolution and growth as a kid.  The vibe is very descriptive and anthem-like at the same time.  The thing that I learned the most when writing this was…If you write something that is true, honest, and significant to you, and you portray it in the right way, it will make an impact on someone or something.  

Kids Too Young
Kids too young is a song that I wrote to remind me of experiencing night life and carefreeness in NYC.  I used to have crazy anxiety about the city, from walking down the street to riding the subway.  Everything about it made me anxious.  Eventually I learned to accept it for what it was, and embrace it.  Now I love it there.  We were definitely trying to take the music in the direction of an 80’s pop song.  We love all of the cheesy 80’s sounds, and one song we were really into at the time was Billy Joel’s “We didn’t start the fire”.   With the lyrics I was trying to paint the picture of two small town kids running away to the city and being free.  It was a real treat to have our good friend and amazing artist Cara Salimando sing in the bridge, her voice definitely connected the dots for me.  

Moonlight Ride
This track was so much fun to make.  It was very island inspired with the uke’s and all of the hand drums, although the chorus maintains a more punk rock beat.  We almost didn’t record this song, but at the last minute we really thought about how much we loved it and made it happen.  The lyrics are very hopeful.  They are about someone telling their past love how down and out they are without them, with hopes for a chance to make things right.  For me my favorite part of the song is the bridge where the lyrics read “ I said it first three words you never reply, but it got worse looking deep in your eyes.  These stars glow slow but I could never let you go”  It’s pretty hard to look at someone and say “I Love You” and not hear it back.  Putting that line into the song really made it personal for me.

The River
The River is the first “ballad” we’ve ever recorded and it was so rewarding to hear the final product.  This is another very personal song  for me, and anyone who has a job that involves constant traveling can definitely relate.  The lyrics are about trying to maintain a solid relationship with someone  while always being away from them.  The one thing that I learned from this song is that it’s so important to keep in touch with the people you love and care about.  Being in a band can get crazy,  but phone calls, letters, postcards, texts, really do make the difference.  As far as the music goes, I am a huge Elton John and Augustana fan and I think that’s where I decided it had to be on piano.   

Easy Way
We took all of our love for the tropics and the cheap excitement of a night in Las Vegas and put it into this song.  Musically we were really excited about involving real horns and all live instruments.  All the percussion Danny and myself played, and we had an awesome trumpet player named Cory Henderson lay down some horns.  This song is definitely a personal song for all of us as it talks about how being in a band can get really hard but can be so rewarding at the same time. Lyrics like “All the things we’ve done, no we’re never gonna run.  There never was an easy way, we’re gonna break your heart someday, someday”,  really hone in on the fact that we love what we do and that we are ready for a long amazing ride.

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