Craig Owens Announces Supporting Act On Solo Tour

by Zack Zarrillo - Apr 24, 2012

Craig Owens has confirmed that Jane Smith from Belle Histoire will be playing alongside him on his upcoming solo tour. Check out a lengthy message from Owens below by clicking “Read More.”

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I’m excited to announce that my good friend Jane Smith ( twitter name: @jane_jane_jane ) from the band “Belle Histoire” will be playing along side of me on my upcoming solo tour! Here’s a phenomenal live video of Jane performing -

I honestly don’t even know where to begin when it comes to Jane, and how excited I am to be playing music along side of her. I think that she is one of the most talented young artists that I’ve come across to date, and that together with the combination of a couple others (whom will be announced soon).. We are going to make this tour absolutely BRILLIANT for all attending.

Please reach out to her on twitter, say hello, and welcome her with open arms. Let’s give her the warm welcome that she so deserves…

In fact, I’m currently on my way to have dinner with her in Ohio within the next few hours. So, we will post up a few pictures together soon, for fun.

Once again! Welcome Jane Smith to the family! —->

Also, if you haven’t bought your tickets for the upcoming solo tour - then do so by heading over to - if you can’t find tickets to your specific date on that site - then please simply try to use the “google machine”..  I hear it works wonders.

Can’t wait to see all of you SO soon!

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