PropertyOfZack Interview : : Fireworks

by Zack Zarrillo - Apr 30, 2012

PropertyOfZack had the chance to speak with Kyle from Fireworks not too long ago for a brief interview. Kyle and I discussed the band’s recent tour with Set Your Goals and Cartel, Gospel, a possible new EP or record, Warped Tour, and more. Read up on everything below!

So you guys just hopped off of the Set Your Goals tour a day or two ago. Besides the really unfortunate van situation in Portland, how was the tour?
The tour was great. We’ve been friends with Set Your Goals for five years now. They are more than just a band that we tour with, they are some of our best friends. So any time we hang out with them, it’s great. We’ve toured with them more than any other band. We’ve literally played about 150 shows with them. It was awesome, Cartel was great. We had never met them or played with them before. And then Mixtapes, they’re friends of ours, they’re cool. 

This was your first U.S. tour since the Polar Bear Club tour which led you guys through early October. Was it nice to get back out there?
Yeah, it’s always nice to do U.S. tours after international tours because it’s nice to be home. We only get to play certain cities, so it’s nice to be back and play some more shows. 

Before this tour, you guys were at Soundwave, how was that?
It was great. It’s an unreal experience. Because there are so many bands that don’t even make sense together playing. So we get to watch Marylyn Manson every day and Limp Bizkit. Slipknot, Bush, and all these crazy bands. Everyone’s kind of put on the same level. You’re all treated the same for the most part. Everyone hangs out so it’s really crazy. 

The band has been somewhat quiet since the release of Gospel.More so than we have seen in the past in terms of touring. You did the mini tour last summer and then the Polar Bear Club tour. And you’ve done the first two tours of this year. But I guess it seemed more quiet than normal. Has that been on purpose?
Slightly. We’ve kind of got to the point where we’ve established ourselves a little bit; have a decent fan base. We can’t over saturate ourselves by touring too much. And we are older now so we have to take other things into consideration. We have to weigh the pros and cons of doing certain tours and not doing certain tours. Before, we were ready to do anything that was offered to us. We could be touring more but some stuff wasn’t worth it to us and some stuff we just didn’t want to do for whatever reason. It’s not necessarily a purpose thing, but if we play each major city four or five times a year, people are going to start getting sick of it. And we would over saturate ourselves. 

Has it made you guys happier, as well, to be touring when you are touring? Not that it’s new but that it’s kind of refreshing after being gone for a little bit.
Definitely. Because we’ll get a break from some tour, then we’ll be off for a couple of months or we’ll do something overseas. Then it’s always nice to come back and get in the van and hang out with each other and play music and travel. 

Gospel changed the sound and pace a little bit for band. But it was one of this scene’s collectively favorite records of the year more or less. It turned up in so many end of the year lists. Are you guys still happy with it and how fans are reacting to it?
Yeah. We’re very excited. We’d rather play songs off that than any other songs. We’re glad people liked it. We kind of took a little bit of a risk there with our sound, but it’s how we wanted to sound. So it turned out great and we’re really happy with how people received it. 

A month or two ago, everyone got word that you guys are writing a new EP. Have you guys written that or recorded that? Can you update us with that process?
We’re trying to out the release we want to do next. Whether we want to do an EP or something like that. As of now, there’s no set plans. But we have been writing. And we do have a little bit of time off between now and Warped Tour and we’re going to use that time to write. 

So nothing is necessarily set in stone yet?

Do you think this new material will continue the sound progression that you guys have been working on with Gospel?
Yeah. That’s kind of the point of being in a band is to keep progressing as musicians and songwriters.

When do you think you will make that decision about the next step for a release?
Hopefully soon. We’re all aching to figure out what we’re going to do. Sooner than later.

So you guys are on Warped Tour this year. Fans seem more excited about the lineup than they have been in who knows how long. How excited are you that you guys have so many friends out on it?
Yeah, it’s going to be an unreal summer. The amount of friends we have on there is crazy. Almost every band we’ve toured with seems to be on Warped Tour this year. So I’m very excited about the hanging out aspect of it. 

Have you given thought to your plans after Warped Tour? Whether you want to tour or maybe do the full length then?
No not really. We’re doing this tour and then Warped Tour takes a lot of preparation. Once we get stuff set in stone for Warped Tour, like all of the stuff we need to take care of, then we’ll start talking about the fall and all other aspects of the band. 

You guys will just be hanging out until Warped Tour working on things?
Yeah. As of now. Stuff could pop up, but we’re just home, hanging out and writing. 

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