The Menzingers Release Statement On Robbery

by Zack Zarrillo - May 3, 2012

The Menzingers were robbed last night in Manchester and lost over $10,000 in assets. The band has written up a lengthy blog post for fans to understand the events of last night and what they were robbed up. Help support the band here and read their statement below by clicking “Read More.”

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The Menzingers Robbed In The UK; $10,000+ Stolen 

Ok so here’s what happened… 
We played a sold out show at The Moho last night in Manchester which ended up being the absolute best show of tour. Seriously! Stagedives, singalongs, shots of mystery liquors.. It was one for the books. An afterparty started to form at a bar down the street. In the great moods we were in we decided to partake and spent the night singing and dancing to  The Cure and Springsteen with The Souls, Red City Radio, Leagues Apart, and tons of friends.  
Dave March (our driver/front of house/lifemate/best friend), Eric (bass player/ good looking one) and I decided to only have a beer and then hit the road. Tom and Joe were going to take a cab back to the house. Ok cool. Everything’s going great. We walk around the block To the van and I hear Dave give a quiet “oh fuck”. The driver side window was smashed out and 3 personal bags were stolen. Unfortunately my bag was stolen with all of our tour money inside it. To top it off, we brought around $2000 in US cash with us in case of an emergency. So let’s see €5000 Euros, an iPad, 3 iPods, 3 passports, 2 pairs of raybans (I know, I know they’re super expensive but they make you look pretty cool), my personal tour journals from the last year and a half which included all of my “On the Impossible Past” lyrics and all of my god damn memories, a digital camera, prescriptions, blah blah blah.This sucks. It really fucking sucks because it’s not your fault and so many, in fact an absurd amount of you want to help out. It’s pretty surreal and heartwarming to know we’re not alone in this situation. Thanks, thanks, thanks. Cant tell you how much it means.  
The absolutely wonderful folks at  Banquet Records have set up a donation drive for us. They really are the best. If you live in the UK and care to help you can donate there. I hear they’re matching donations which is just too nice. Too nice. 
While we’re extremely apprehensive about this we’re going to open up our paypal account if you care to donate. We don’t expect much and we feel extremely uncomfortable putting our hats out like this but here’s our paypal account if you care to help:
Tom made the account name up years ago. Sounds about right.
We’ll find a way to make it up to you by way of acoustic demos, new songs, free shows. Whatever. Thanks for the help. Love you all.  -Greg

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