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by Zack Zarrillo - May 14, 2012

Lowtalker are one of No Sleep Records’ new signings, and the band is currently in the studio recording a new EP that is due out this summer. The band is comprised of members from Living With Lions and Comeback Kid, so everyone should be incredibly excited for their next release. Matt Keil was kind enough to write-up a Behind The Booth feature for PropertyOfZack, so check out their progress in the studio and come back soon for a second update!

From Matt Keil:

Stu flew in on Friday night, and less than an hour later we were in Whistler’s Den Studios (also known as our drummer and engineer Brian’s house)  to finish writing for the new EP. We do the majority of our writing by sending each other demos for months bouncing ideas back and forth, but the songs don’t really become songs until we’re all in the same room. So we spent the weekend fine tuning things, trying different arrangements and what not until we felt comfortable. Saturday we drank beer in our friend’s garage all day so really it was about 60% of the weekend we spent writing I guess. Now that I think about it. 

Monday morning we all got together at Waterbury Studios in Minneapolis to track the drums. On our last record (People Worry About Everything) we recorded the drums at a studio in Milwaukee and everything else at Stu’s house, and that worked out pretty well, so here we are again. Waterbury is an amazing studio with a lot of rooms and equipment. I really wish we could do everything there but it’s really really expensive. Who knew? The drums get knocked out in about 6 hours and we run out the door. Later that night Stu and I built a patio set in my back yard. It features four comfortable chairs and comes with an umbrella. 

So now it’s Tuesday morning and it’s time for amps. We set up to do the bass tracks with a couple different options in mind. We ended up blending a direct line with a vintage Ampeg bass combo that blah blah blah sounded really cool and I can’t wait for you to hear it. We are putting conscious effort into making this record sound more like we picture our band sounding, and less “plug in, sounds good enough” recording. This took the first half of the day and then we started getting guitar sounds. 

Trying different amps and guitars is the big show of recording, and Casey and Stu set about trying lot’s of expensive looking microphones and shit. I think in the end almost all of the basic guitar tracks were Gibson Les Paul Customs through a Marshall head into an Orange cab, and we borrowed a friend’s 5150 for the other side. There are a lot of little leads and tricks left that we’re going to use one of Brian’s vintage Silvertones for. More on that later. 

I left the studio around 6 PM and things were moving along nicely. Checked in later and they were going to keep working until midnight, so in the end a lot of work got done thanks to Brian and the boys pulling a late night. 

That’s pretty much it up to now. This is all kind of the boring part where the songs don’t really sound like themselves yet. Now the vocals start and we get to really embarrass ourselves. 

Coming up next: vocals, more guitars, mixing, shooting for greatness landing in listenable. 

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