Misser Stream Debut Album; Post Track-By-Track

by Zack Zarrillo - May 15, 2012

Misser’s debut album, Every Day I Tell Myself I’m Going To Be A Better Person, is officially out via Rise Records and can be streamed in full here. You can check out a portion of a track-by-track feature with the band regarding the release below by clicking “Read More.”

I remember walking around the studio with an acoustic guitar one morning, feeling exceptionally terrible from the previous late night. I was being weird and singing random lyrics while doing this. These lyrics and melody just kind of came out. Brad laughed; this became the intro to the record.

“Time Capsule”
This is one of my favorites. You know when you’re in middle school and your artsy, hip teacher encourages you to bury a few items in a box for you to dig up as an adult, only to be overwhelmed with an epiphany of comforting nostalgia? Well, that never happened to me, but a few of my friends did it. That’s what this song is about, in a way. I wanted to be in that box, someone’s time capsule. It’s about not being able to completely let go of something (or someone) because you don’t have the guts to, with my weird gruesome twist on it. Gary (Cioffi, producer) and I had a lot of fun tracking this one. We made a bunch of noise at the beginning of the track by scraping a beer bottle up and down the guitar strings.

This song is fucking old as hell; I wrote it when I was 17. I hated high school, I hated my town and I was just like every other kid and venting about it. I couldn’t wait to move away from everything. I love it, though; it still makes me smile when I hear it. This was the first song I ever wrote for me to sing, and the first time I stepped out of the Transit box since starting Transit.

The original version of this song was very slow and strange. There was a few weeks of my life a year or so ago where I wouldn’t let myself go to sleep before I finished writing a song; I remember being half-drunk and scribbling these lyrics on a sheet next to my bed. At times, I’m very reluctant to say or do things that I feel. That’s what “Weightless” is about. This one sat on the backburner for a while. A couple of weeks before we started recording, I changed the riff and sped the whole thing up. 

“Just Say It”
When the idea of Misser began in my mind, this was the first song I wrote. I had a few songs, and I wanted to record them myself and make a project of it. I decided I’d do it, and I was infatuated with the thought. “Just Say It” and “She Didn’t Turn Out To Be That Cool” were the first couple of songs that were products of that excitement. I was listening to a lot of Superchunk and Dinosaur Jr. and I just wanted to write rock songs.

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