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by Zack Zarrillo - May 21, 2012


Create Avoid will be releasing their their Pastime 7” on May 22nd via our friends at Pure Noise Records. Mike Alsaybar from the band was kind enough to write up a Track-By-Track feature for PropertyOfZack to fill fans in on the meanings behind the new songs. Preorder the 7” here and check out the Track-By-Track below!

Left Alone
The basic concept behind this EP was to give people a more personal look into Create Avoid, and what’s kept us moving since we started the band. Left Alone brings light to the fact that although we came from completely different bands, and had completely different tastes in music, we still had a common goal and common passion. Everyone in this band sacrificed a lot to keep playing, whether it was jobs, houses, or girlfriends, and in the end we were able to experience life.

Never Again
Never Again is pissed. It’s the best way that I can describe the song! I think everyone in life has had a moment of clarity, where they realized that someone or something in their lives wasn’t actually helping them, but was actually trying to change them, and not always in a positive way. This song was a shot at everything that has ever stood in the way of bettering my self.

Nothing More
Nothing More is a song I wrote about the decline in the music industry, and specifically the change in the hardcore scene. Even over the past 10 years, I’ve watched labels change a bands sound to make them more profitable, or bands forming and making music that’s popular in hopes to cash in on the newest hype. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate money, but it was definitely the last thing on my mind when I started playing hardcore music. I just felt like the passion and fun in the music was slowly being lost, so I put the pen to paper. This was by no means a personal shot to any band, label, or person; it was just something I wanted to yell about for a few minutes!

Timeline is a song that went through about 6 different sets of lyrics, vocal patterns, and structures before it became what it is today. As a band, Create Avoid doesn’t tour or play much, but we keep going because we love to do it. The song gives a brief summary of the band, from writing the first lyrics (Unfamiliar Faces) and first jamming together, to really becoming a family. The first 4 original members of CA are the same 4 members that are playing today, and no matter what we may disagree on or butt heads about; what we’ve accomplished together and the relationship we have will withstand anything.       

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