Friday Discussion : : Great Sophomore Albums

by Zack Zarrillo - May 25, 2012


Most people talk about slumps when they talk about sophomore albums, but our friends at AbsolutePunk posted a Thursday discussion yesterday on great sophomore albums. We wanted to get in on some of the action today, so I wrote up a list of some of my favorite sophomore albums and I’m hoping you’ll let us know what albums fit that criteria for you. Check out the list below and feel free to reblog this post or comment in the thread!

blink-182 - Dude Ranch
You can find people who like more than “Carousel” and “M+M’s” on Cheshire Cat if you dig deep enough, but Dude Ranch is the album that opened blink-182 up to new found fame. Enema Of The State is undoubtedly the band’s most well-known, popular, and mainstream release, but such a jump in fan base and touring recognition could not have happened without Dude Ranch. There will always be an argument among some over whether Dude Ranch or Enema is blink’s “key” pop-punk release, and it’s certainly a fair one to have on different levels. And really, “Dammit” serves as one of the greatest set closers of all time. So thank the blink bunny for that. 

Brand New - Deja Entendu
The Devil And God is my favorite Brand New album, but there’s no question that Deja Entendu changed so much for so many, myself included. Following Your Favorite Weapon, the album transcended any typical “great record.” It created a new craze and movement and certain level excitement that is so rare. The album is near ten years old now and will go down as a signature classic like Green Day’s Dookie,Jimmy Eat World’s Clarity, blink-182’s Enema Of The State, and those other select albums that change so much so quickly. 

The Wonder Years - The Upsides
Every once in a while a band surprises you in a big way, and that’s exactly what happened with The Upsides. There’s no way around saying that Get Stoked On it! is a bad album. Is it fun? Sure. Is it good? The band will be the first to tell you it isn’t. But boy did things turn around fast. Not only did the band change their sound, but they changed their image, focus, and brought new meaning and excitement to a genre that so many felt was stale. Annoying or not, “I’m not sad anymore” become one of the most popular status updates, meme creation, and argued lyric of 2010 for fans of this scene. 
Armor For Sleep - What To Do When You Are Dead
I’m a sucker for concept records. There’s just something about knowing that when I hit play on a ten to twelve song album there will be a general theme to carry me all the way through. Dream To Make Believe, the band’s first full-length, is a feat in itself. The production quality might sound a little shaky and you’re clearly listening to a band that has yet to fully develop, but What To Do When You Are Dead shows the band at its finest and is an incredible record. I highly recommend seeing the band in New York City this July one last time if you can make it. 

Mansions - Dig Up The Dead
We at PropertyOfZack love Mansions. I wrote about this album last week for a separate feature, but I couldn’t help myself from throwing it in here too. Dig Up The Dead is the best “sophomore album” on this list. It’s an incredible emotional piece of art and shatters the expectations that New Best Friends could have left for any Mansions fan. Sure, the record was only released a year ago, but there’s no doubt that this one will have great lasting power and will be a treasure for the too few Mansions fans out there.

The Get Up Kids - Something To Write Home About
If Four Minute Mile is a little slice of an emo-heaven, Something To Write Home About is the entire cake. And we can all eat from it. It stacks up there and holds its own weight with Jimmy Eat World’s Clarity and Sunny Day Real Estate’s Diary for those great 90’s emo records. There’s not much to say about this one other than that its my personal favorite in the band’s catalogue and “I’ll Catch You” will always be one hell of a song.

Motion City Soundtrack - Commit This To Memory
Can Motion City Soundtrack truly write a bad record? The answer is probably no. Commit This To Memory is the ultimate example of a band making the jump from a pretty damn good record (I Am The Movie) to something so much bigger and important. I struggled between picking this record and Fall Out Boy’s From Under The Cork Tree for my final write-up because I see a lot of similarities between the two, minus you know, Fall Out Boy getting just a tad bit larger with this release. 
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  6. sntno said: What To Do When You Are Dead was an amazing Sophomore album. Dream To Make Believe was probably one of the best albums I’ve ever stumbled upon. AFS has been my favorite band since I first listened to them.
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