PropertyOfZack Track-By-Track : : Stickup Kid (Part II)

by Zack Zarrillo - May 30, 2012

Stickup Kid will be releasing their Nothing About Me EP via Adeline Records on June 5th. PropertyOfZack is teaming up with the band to do a series of Track-By-Track guides and streams to give insight on the songs that make up the EP. Check out the first Track-By-Track here, the next two songs below, and come back Thursday for the last!

Dreaming Of Kenny Rogers
This song was written after the 3rd go around of a reoccurring dream I was having. In the dream I woke inside of this girl’s room (we had stopped dating about 5 months prior at this point), only to wake up in my own room shortly after (much like Inception).  It felt pretty nice being there again (Obviously I wasn’t the one who called off our relationship or whatever you would call it) but we only dated for maybe two months, and yet here I was five months later still thinking about being back there/missing her. The basic message of the song is “hmmm, I guess I’m not over it” haha. The title comes from an episode of Reno 911 and the Wilhelm Scream song “Dreaming Of Throwing Up”. - Jonathan McMaster

You Are Captain Hook
Oh this is a fun one haha. This was written after the end of a short, and very strange, relationship last year. There are people who need particular roles filled/certain things given to them in their life, and who they get it from isn’t all that important, they just have to have it. And this can manifest itself in a ton of ways (people that go through “best friends” every few months, people who just can’t seem to exist without a boyfriend/girlfriend, people that crave attention). This is a song about not being one of those people and feeling like you could be replaced at any given moment, and feeling like you’re being kept around without any intention of ever really being let in. The words/melody in the chorus are intentionally kind of childish because the whole situation (on both our ends) felt kind of high schoolish. The song title comes from the fifth season of How I Met Your Mother (the episode is called “On The Hook”). - Jonathan McMaster

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