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by Zack Zarrillo - Jun 2, 2012


From Rick Jimenez:

One of the few things weirder than mainland Europe is the eastern part of mainland Europe… Even the Westwrn part of Eastern Europe. With that said it was nice to get to Austria. We needed to get some supplies and allergy medicine and such before the show so we drove into the city of Vienna and searched for an hour until our UK friend Jamie that’s been filming for a new music video this tour remembered it was some Euro holiday and that’s why everything was closed. How helpful.

Headed to “the arena” to load in, eat Euro rider stuff and get in a sufficient but not preferred workout. Preshow playlist was awesome. The set started off slow and wound up being insane. Best of the 4 times we’ve been to the arena. I think we did 3 encores because they wouldn’t let us off stage. Fuck it I’ll play for as long as people wanna hear shit any goddamn day, I’m not afraid to overdue it. Towards the end each of the rhino guys as well as Jamie the videographer and Dave the driver got caught in a mosh. Wrote some cool shit on the wall next to my bunk for the night and finally got a fucking shower.

Made a stop at Rattlesnake (a local merch store in Vienna) and got a sick Venom patch for €0. Fuck yes. The drive to Vincenza, Italy was way longer than we thought and there were 138 stairs to load in. The sound on stage had made as much sense as a George Bush in the White House. The power for the entire stage was run by a surge protector located logically right by the edge of the mosh, so twice during the set the power went off mid thrash. There were some us troops stationed in the area that came out and they pitted and had a good time. One of the best parts of playing music is the opportunity to bring some leisure ad enjoyment into soldiers lives, especially ones stationed abroad. That’s a rough life and any comfort/enjoyment we can give to them is unbelievably rewarding. Whether you’re pro or anti war, many troops join the service not because they wanna “Get I’m!” but because it’s their way of getting by and making their way for their family. Politics aside, I will always be honored to support a troop because they are a HUMAN in a difficult situation. We ended our set regular time even though the crowd wanted more because someone at the venue started crying about something besides my guitar… Which he cried about before we started playing. Wah Rick is too loud. Get with it, I’m almost always too loud.

We drove to Travis’ brother’s father-in-law Art’s house for the night. What a character he is. 70 years old, runs with the bulls a few times a year, plays tennis, is an American born European resident with UK citizenship, a pediatrician and makes his own wine. We bullshitted with him and heard great stories for hours and everyone aside from myself got smashed on wine.

Next day art took us out for a traditional Italian lunch. His dog Zoe followed us down the huge hill to the restaurant without our knowledge. Softest dog in Italy. Drank too many redbulls on the way to Milan, played “kick the soccer ball in the trash” and got around to playing one of those “this show sucks so we really need to fuck w these people to get it rad” types. It worked and the show ruled. We headed to the hostel which was impossible to find and the only available food was bullshit from a vending machine so we started saying everything stupid in fake Italian accents. Mature. Italy is fucking cool man. Local bands love to hug… A lot.

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