PropertyOfZack Exclusive : : Pentimento Statement On New LP + Album Artwork

by Zack Zarrillo - Jun 6, 2012


Our friends in Pentimento spent the spring recording their debut full-length, but the band has decided to head back into the studio to record two more songs to make the record as great as possible. The band has written up a lengthy statement for PropertyOfZack to clue fans in on their decision and future. We’ve also got the album artwork for the release at the bottom of the statement, so make sure to check it all out below! 

We’d spent a lot of time trying to figure out the same things every band tries to figure out when they’re putting together their first full-length, asking ourselves: “What are we going to do to make sure this record doesn’t suck?” We’ve been working on these songs for the better part of a year in between tours, in the van, or basically whenever time was available. I spent a lot of shirtless nights with an acoustic guitar in front of my computer trying to sum-up my old livejournal entries for this thing. When it came time to head into the studio, we thought that we had 10 songs that were positively good enough to represent Pentimento the way we’d like to be represented to everyone when the record is released. The more we listened back to the first mixes of what we’d laid down, the more we felt like there were a few things that didn’t fit the way we’d like them to. I don’t think they’re bad songs or anything, but I think we’re finally at a point where we realize, and have the chance to consider what sort of “mood” or “feeling” we’re shooting for with this release…and some songs just don’t fit the bill. 

Immediately after leaving the studio, I started working on some material that I got really excited about and decided to try and make a case to the other guys about putting these newer songs on the record. It was a pretty fleeting conversation in the van at first because we’ve got a lot to worry about at this point  that include the usual suspects; van repairs, merch, tour schedules, when/how we’re going to put the record out/who it will come out with, and of course - the fact that we’ve already invested so much into tracking the 10 songs that were supposed to make up the record. It seemed like it’d be a long-shot to actually make another studio session work, and at first - I was ready to give up on the idea and just keep my fingers crossed that Absolutepunk would review it,  and Thomas Nassiff would love it so much that he’d start tweeting about our record as much as he tweets about basketball. But the more I thought about it (the record thing, not the Thomas thing), the more I couldn’t ignore that if we didn’t do something pro-active, we weren’t going to be totally happy with the finished product…and in my head, there’s nothing worse than that. I don’t know if I’d ever be able to consider it truly “finished” one way or the other…but we’ve reached a unique position with the band where we’ve got no deadlines, no pressure, no nothing.

The goal was to make the question become more about “why WOULDN’T we do everything we could to make the record better if we had a chance?” rather than “Man, I wish we had a chance to make this record better”. I simply didn’t want to walk away kicking ourselves about the shoulda, coulda, woulda’s that come along with recording…or at least keep that to a minimum. Yesterday at practice we all had a talk about what the best move for the band would be, and agreed that taking the time to do more with the record would be a good idea, despite the other things on our plate. Without a record that we’re confident in, or at least happy with, we’d go nowhere. We can’t expect to release something and then all of the sudden be touring with Carly Rae (hey gurl) or something.  We have to put out and support a record we feel strongly about. It’s our first full-length, ya know? We have to try our absolute best in every single aspect so that when it’s out, we’re stoked, and hopefully the people that are kind enough to support our band are stoked as well. 

 So that’s our plan for now. Head in to the studio, record two additional songs, and add a string arrangement to a song we’ve already tracked. We’d like to choose a single to release and do a video involving ripped jeans, washing a car, maybe a telephone…something like that. The concept hasn’t exactly been set in stone yet. I can’t say these newer songs are the best songs ever written or anything, but it’s something we felt strongly enough about to put the brakes on everything else in order to take a chance at doing something more with a release that we’re looking at to (hopefully) push the band forward. Stranger things have happened. Bands have scrapped entire albums and then re-recorded 30 songs only to choose 10 of them to appear on the record. Sometimes it takes years for a band to even think about stepping into a studio (shout-out to my boys in Brand New). I know that things have been quiet on our front lately, but it’s all attributed to the time we’re trying to spend to make sure this effort is our best one yet, and getting our plans for future tours in order. 

We really appreciate everyone sticking with us while we’re so all over the place. I wish I could explain what it means to our band to know that there are people out there who actually care about what we’re up to. So from all of us, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 

[Pentimento’s self-titled full-length is slated for an early fall release. The band heads back in to GCR Studios in Buffalo, NY with engineer Jay Zubricky (Every Time I Die, Kid Gorgeous) this month to begin tracking two additional songs for their new record.]


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