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by Zack Zarrillo - Jun 8, 2012


PropertyOfZack had the chance to interview Nathan Hussey from All Get Out a few weeks ago at the tail end of The Wildlife Tour. Nathan and I spoke about the tour being the biggest they had ever done, response to their new full-length record, future touring, and the band’s next record. Check it out below!

For the record, could you state your name and role in the band?
I’m Nathan Hussey from All Get Out. 

We’re about at the last week of The Wildlife Tour.
Yeah, we’re about to hit the last week coming up.

Kids have been excited for this tour since it got announced. It’s been a big tour. Can you talk about the tour so far?
I think it’s our biggest tour that we’ve ever done. We took a pause from where we were a couple years ago. We did a record and then paused for a while. Kind of a year and a half off. Then we did some local and small tours. Then we somehow got lucky enough, I think it was our friends O’Brother who referenced us to this. And these guys didn’t really know us, so we’re really lucky. Yeah it’s great. 

There was a long pause there for you guys. This is a massive sized tour, bigger than you would normally play. Has it been nice to be thrown in so quickly to such a successful and big tour?
Oh man. It was mind blowing. I didn’t want to do more than three weeks at a time. But I didn’t assume that we’d have offers like this. So I guess we kind of broke the rules. Which was scary at first, but it ended up being pretty worth it. As you said, it’s a very big tour. It’s probably the best possible, at this level. Usually you play these tours and you don’t play to sold out crowds. So this one is the best of its kind. I feel like it might be one of the best of the year. Besides whoever goes out with La Dispute this fall. That will also be a great one. 

The other three bands are a little harder than you guys. Was that a concern? Or have fans been receptive to you guys?
They’ve been receptive. It’s a very interesting lineup. Sainthood Reps are a little similar to us. They are a little darker for sure. Us live, if you’ve seen us, you know it’s a lot heavier. The record is a very polished, clean record compared to our live show. It works. If people give us a listen before the tour, they might go in with this mindset that they’re going to hear a clean band and then we’re just the opposite of that. So it’s worked out. I was nervous about it. Our last song, “Let Me Go,” has a long part that’s just me and I was super nervous about that because these are wilder kids than usual. But they’ve, for the most part, been super respectful and quiet when they need to be and very fun when they need to be as well. It’ worked out just fine. Especially with the lineup; especially with Balance. It’s the perfect mix all the way up to La Dispute. 

That was after a longer delay than hoped for. How has the overall reception been six months out?
We did a soft release. We didn’t have the means to have it in Rolling Stone or something. Not that that’s a necessary thing. But we did a soft release. It kind of made its way out there. It was soft and it was okay. Then this tour has picked it up quicker than when we released it. So it’s good to see it go steady plateau and then go up. 

So with this tour you’ve seen an increase?
Huge. Like I said, this is equivalent to its release, almost. 

You said earlier how you didn’t plan on going out in longer spurts of touring. But if momentum is picking up now, what’s the plan for future touring?
I guess it’s kind of the same mindset. I know that all bands have to tour. We used to do it a lot harder, but we didn’t do it very smart. When you’d go on for 250 days a year, and gain nothing. So now we just do what’s best and what makes most sense in the progression of things. We make sure we can pay the bills and do both. It’s a good hindrance because when you’re younger and doing it, you just want to go. Then you come to age and you have a desire to do things smartly. We’ll do some more. We’ll have a short run this summer, very short. Then hopefully one half its size this fall. 

Since the record was done before it was put out, have you guys been working on new music?
I have. The songs I am going to do for this are new. They’re all incomplete stuff. I’ve probably done about an album’s worth since then. Probably like seven keepers I guess. But yeah, definitely writing and that’s something I’m most excited for when we get back. 

Are you going to try to finish a new album by the end of the summer, maybe?
Yeah. Well I have some stuff I’ve attempted to do solo. And I’ve got to figure out what songs go where. So that’s my plan. 

If you are able to get stuff done by the end of the summer, are you looking to record sooner than later as well?
I would. I don’t know about a perfect world, but in a pretty sweet one I would have it out by spring. 

So this time next year?
Yeah, that would be great. But you know that’s not always the most possible thing. Records take a year to do when you get down to it. 

So we will see All Get Out being a bit busier in the immediate future?
Much busier than we were before at least. 

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