Worcester Palladium Venue Demolition Petition

by Zack Zarrillo - Jun 8, 2012

The Worcester Palladium, a venue that has hosted too many bands from this scene over the years, is in jeapoardy of being torn down. An online petition has now begun making the rounds to stop the demolition. Sign your name here and check out a description for the petition below by clicking “Read More.”

Taken from Worcester Mag: 
“Word spread to the Worcester Mag office pretty quickly on Tuesday that the owners of the Palladium were filing – or at least threatening to file – paperwork for the demolition of the music hot spot and regional Juggalo headquarters in order to create more parking for the courthouse across the street. Worcester attorney and Palladium owner John Fischer, when asked to comment on the rumors, said he hadn’t made a decision yet but added, “It has a lot to do with taxes.” Like a number of the city’s commercial property owners, the Palladium has seen a huge spike in its fiscal year 2012 assessment and subsequent tax bill, jumping from an assessed value of $689,000 in 2011 to $2.27 million this year. “We’re still debating what we’re going to do,” Fischer lamented. “We’ll know by August 1.””

Can anyone in the New England metal scene really think of the Palladium being gone? This venue was a gateway for myself into the amazing Massachusetts metal scene, and is one of the only all ages venues that I know of in the area. I’ve seen so many great bands there, and I know that those great bands love playing at the Palladium. Please sign this petition and make sure that our second home is not laid to waste.

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    I hope this is a sick joke :o
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    Please sign this. So many memories attached to this place, I’d hate to see it disappear
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    jeapoardy tho
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    please. this shit needs to be fixed up or knocked down. no curs.
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    OMG no! This place has the greatest bands!
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    Signing because this would be a huge blow to the music scene in MA if The Palladium gets knocked down.
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    fuck no! this was where my first concert was D:
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    the fact that i go to school in worcester and haven’t gotten a chance to go there yet is reason enough for it not to be...
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    Am I the only one that hates the Palladium?
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    wtf no way I saw nine inch nails there with my wife while she was pregnant with our daughter. That’s not cool man.
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    too many memories here to be torn down.
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    What the fuck? Everyone sign this. The Palladium isn’t allowed to disappear like The Living Room did.
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