PropertyOfZack Special : : The Industry With Jesse Cannon

by Zack Zarrillo - Jun 10, 2012


Jesse Cannon, the man behind Cannon Found Soundation Recording Studios (Man Overboard, The Menzingers, Transit, Lifetime) and Musformation, is back for a brand new Industry feature in our ongoing series. In this week’s feature, Jesse updates us on the Amanda Palmer Kickstarter, Microsoft killing the Zune, fake Facebook “Likes,” royalty statements, and more. Read up on all of it below!

A month after we talked about what a big deal Amanda Palmer’s Kickstarter campaign would be, we now have seen her finish it out with over a million dollars of funding. This is fantastic news for the music world as a big crack in the ceiling for this new music model has been made. Now if only we could have a Facebook App to block your friends trying to Kickstarter their stupid dub step side project.

So, Microsoft finally killed off the Zune, seeing how even your cousin from Idaho who still listens to Limp Bizkit even thinks a Zune is too lame to own, this is probably a really smart move. However, Microsoft is not done with the music business yet (or making an operating system that really confuses your grandmother) and have launched Xbox Music which claims it will launch with more tracks than iTunes and Amazon 30 million!?!?). the service will try to directly compete with iTunes, Spotify and Rdio by offering a handful of unique features and will obviously come with the Windows OS, Windows phones and of course the Xbox. 

From the SRSLY department - VinylTap is a new app for your iPad that allows you to play songs on your iPad as if they are a record. I wonder if hipster beats nags are covered in hate crime laws cause I have a feeling busting this app out in public may inspire some serious beatdowns not often seen outside of Madball shows.

Usher (you know, that R&B singer who sings that song “Climax” that you pretend isn’t the most emo jam since The Promise Ring’s “Picture Postcard”) is going to be putting on one of those cool streaming concerts that VeVo does. This time there will be some extra special stuff though, instead of brining Tupac back from the dead, he will be putting up fans holograms and Avatars as part of a fan bonding interactive extravaganza. Let’s just hope that crazy obsessed Beib fan girl doesn’t hologram attack Usher and then claim the baby is his. Hologram babies scare me.

Utoh! Looks like a bunch of dance artists are buying Facebook fans using bots. David Guetta, Skrillex and a few other artists appear to be inflating their Facebook fans, and a lot of people are really upset about this distal lie. Personally, I am really relieve to know that people don’t actually like Steve Aoki and he is the talentless hack I always thought he was. Phew. 

More bad news! A label group has shared their royalty statement for streaming services and it looks really said. As people have long known, services like Spotify and Rdio don’t exactly pay well. The one thing the often gets overlooked in these articles is the fact that all of these services promise higher royalty rates as subscriptions increase. The idea is as fans get hooked on streaming music services, tormenting will cease and music fans will be paying for the music they consume in this way and artists will be better concentrated. In the meantime, where are all my hypothetical royalty checks for all this imaginary money I make from these recording make?

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