PropertyOfZack Interview : : Code Orange Kids

by Zack Zarrillo - Jun 11, 2012


Code Orange Kids just finished up recording their new album with Kurt Bollou, and the band took some time to do a solid interview with PropertyOfZack about the process. Jami and I discussed the recording process, what to expect on the record, a guest appearance from Adam of Tigers Jaw, future touring, and much more. Check it all out below!

For the record, could you state your name and role in Code Orange Kids?
My name is Jami and I play drums and sing in Code Orange Kids. 

The band just hit the studio with Kurt Ballou and are finishing up as we speak. How did working with Kurt come into play, and why did you want to work with him?
It was really awesome. When we hooked up with Deathwish, we brought it to them as he has recorded a lot of records that have helped shape our musical scope including 108, Converge etc - they hit him up and he said yes - it was that simple. Being one of first “studio” experiences coupled with the respect we had for him we were pretty nervous but he was a blast to work with. 

Code Orange is still an incredibly young band, so what has a producer like Kurt taught you, even if you were only in the studio for a short amount of time?
He tought us how to pay attention to the little things we are doing while playing and tought us about tones, etc! It was a really great experience. We also talked about funny shit a lot… that probably took up like an hour a day, where we would just shoot the shit. 

Tell us more about the album. How many songs should we be expecting?
10 songs. Don’t wanna say a ton about it until it comes out but I truly feel it brings in elements of everything we have done from the demo until now and i believe it is the best thing that we as a band have created. It has our heaviest parts, our fastest parts, our weirdest parts, our creepiest parts and our prettiest parts. I am so excited about it. Adam from Tigers Jaw also sings a whole song and he is one of our best friends/ they are one of our favorite bands so we are stoked about that.  

How has the material grown from your first release and recent split on Topshelf?
I think we expanded on everything we have done thus far. 

In the spring, the band went on tours with Touché Amoré and Defeater. How were those runs?
They were fucking awesome. We didnt know what to expect but those guys are all really great and took us in as one of their own. We had a lot of fun playing to new people and hopefully turning some of them onto our shit.

You guys have greatly grown within the past year at a rate which has turned many heads. Has it been a challenge to to get “band” and “tour” mode so quickly, and maybe unexpectedly? 
Naw, not at all! This is all we wanna do - tour and record and write music. We have wanted to tour and do everything we are doing since we started playing together. It’s weird to drop everything and just start going but fuck it. I love hardcore and I love punk and we know we have to put in the footwork!

Code Orange Kids will be touring Europe with Defeater in July. How stoked are you guys for that?
We are beyond stoked! I don’t think any of us have been to Europe so to get to go in these circumstances is ridiculous. It’s going to be awesome. Can’t wait to play in front of so many new people and in such a new environment. Defeater and Former Thieves are also real close friends and we are going to have a blast. 

Should we expect you to play a new song or two on that run?
Uh, we haven’t decided yet. Since we havent been over there we might play our other stuff as next year we are going to be playing those songs everywhere and dont wanna burn them out, ya know? 

When will we actually be seeing the album get announced and released?
The record will be out in the fall. I don’t know when Deathwish wants to announce it, but as soon as they are ready we are!!

This will be your first release with Deathwish. What drew you to the label, and are you excited to see just how far they can take the band?
Deathwish is a label that we have all loved and respected since we started getting into hardcore and punk music. To be a part of the family is awesome. We love everyone over there and we are really stoked to see what happens with the record! I don’t think its their responsibility really to “take us” anywhere or whatever, I think if there is something we wanna do then we will get out there and work for it and grab it. That’s  how we’ve done it so far and how we will continue to do it. Whatever happens happens! If no one wants to see us we will still play and still tour because we love it.

Has anything else been confirmed as far as future touring?
Not quite! playing This Is Hardcore in Philly in August and once the record comes out we will start touring full time again! Awesome stuff in the fall.

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