All Time Low Talk New Music, Future Plans, And Record Labels On The Gunz Show

by Zack Zarrillo - Jun 14, 2012

Tonight on The Gunz Show, Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low discussed in great length the band’s dealings with Interscope Records for their 2011 release, Dirty Work, and some of the frustrations they had as a band on the label in addition to their new record, and signing to a new label. Listen to the full interview here and see what Gaskarth had to say below by clicking “Read More.”

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It was just one of those textbook situations where we signed, we had the record done, and then one thing led to another. First they had to gear up for a [Lady] Gaga release, so we got pushed back, and then they had like a whole firing and re-staffing moment, so we didn’t want to release without a team behind it, so it got pushed back again. It was a really frustrating moment for us, but it happens and it was completely out of our control, which was unfortunate, because I think that was a solid record and it definitely lost a bit of steam because of all the stuff Interscope was going through.

It’s for sure a progression, but there are elements of what we used to do sprinkled through. Like I said before, this time around I tried to get rid of the idea of using genre influences and time period influences like I have in the past. I’ve written songs when I was like, “Alright, I really want this to sound 90′s,” or whatever. This time in the writing process and the creative process, it was really more like figuring out the best elements of what we used to do, and kind of tapping into all of those things so you get this really cool mix. It definitely has some pop on there – I’d say it’s a pop rock record overall. We have these pounding songs as well that harken back to the pop punk days for sure. It’s this really cool blend. You get the old and the new in a really nice package, I think.

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