PropertyOfZack Playlist : : Falling In Reverse, Miss May I, Skip The Foreplay

by Zack Zarrillo - Jun 14, 2012

Falling In Reverse, Miss May I, and Skip The Foreplay are all about to jump on the 2012 Vans Warped Tour, and PropertyOfZack is putting the three bands together for a new Playlist. This will be just one of many upcoming Warped Playlists from a slew of bands on the tour. Check out the Playlists and listen to the songs on Spotify while reading everyone’s thoughts!

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The Stryder - Sucker

Want to hear where Taking Back Sunday got their sound? Well listen to this!!! It came out in 2000, I used to love the shit out of this band. 
Foster The People - Pumped Up Kicks
I don’t know why, but whenever I hear this song, it puts me in a good mood. I could have the shittiest day and still smile. 
Augustana - I Still Ain’t Over You
It’s a great song, amazing vocals, and great lyrics. 
Poison The Well - Slice Paper Wrists
This song is probably the reason all of these hardcore bands wanted to be a hardcore band. This was considered heavy back in my day. 
Monty Are I - Between The Sheets
Do you like “Story Of The Year?” Do you like “Rx Bandits?” Well put the two together, and you have this wonderful band that was never given a chance among the masses. They should have been big. 
Tyler Read - I Don’t Feel Sexy
This is a hot track, listen to these guys, a great southern rock band. 
Bleeding Through - For Love And Failing
Crazy fast metal/hardcore stuff, I loved this song. 
Allister - Somewhere On Fullerton
Anytime I hear this song it always brings me back to when I was first touring, it’s a fun upbeat song, pop punk, gushy, the key to my heart. 
The Starting Line - Best Of Me
Just reminds me of shit I’ve gone through in my life, and relationships. 
Matchbook Romance - Surrender
Everything about this song is great; drums, lyrics, vocals, guitar lines, etc… One of my favorites; I remember when Brett Gurewitz first showed me this song, I was floored. - Ryan Seaman

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I am so excited to see all these bands especially because a lot of these songs and artists are a lot of the reason I play music! It will be nice to feel 15 again, standing side stage, watching them perform every day. Also a lot of these bands are our long time friends who we have become fans of and will always support. It’s just going to be a great summer all around! - Levi Benton

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Simple Minds - Don’t You (Forget About Me)

This song was featured in the soundtrack of one of my favourite movies; “The Breakfast Club”. It’s the only song I ever heard from Simple Minds but it’s so catchy that for me the song itself entirely glorifies the band’s existence! I still get this chorus stuck in my head every time I hear someone sayin’ Emilio Esteves… which isn’t quite often enough…
Anthrax - Madhouse
These hours I spent playing “GTA Vice City” could have been used in more constructive purposes… but making insanely impossible bike stunts to Anthrax was the only thing that mattered back in the days! Great tune.
Deftones - Diamond Eyes
The whole album just sounds amazing but this song in particular is constructed on such a heavy riff that it really feels like a shovel in the face. I also have to point out the “hair dressing” chorus that kicks in perfectly to make this song one of my all-time favorites. Still one of my favorite albums. - Marc-André 
The Sainte Catherines - Va donc chier !!
This is the ultimate opening song for a punk rock album. This band is one of my all-time favorites. I’ve seen them live numerous times, more than any other bands, I’ve haven’t been touring with, and they’re my “most listened to” band on before LMFAO. 
Van Halen - Can’t Stop Loving You
About a month ago, we hit the road to play a couple of shows on the East Coast. It was not a really good time. You know the kind of shows where you play in front of the local bands and the barmaid? It’s part of the game but it’s never really fun. So you got to find ways to cheer up. This time, this song helped a lot. It’s the kind of thing you listen to while crying tears of joy and telling yourself: “Shit the world is such a beautiful place” until you listen to Slipknot’s “People=Shit” and realize the opposite.
Motley Crüe - Mutherfucker Of The Year
Saints of Los Angeles, even though it was released late in Motley’s career, it’s a really solid album and the second single out of it is the definition of badass. Also, if you’ve read The Dirt, you know that the award for “Motherfucker of the Year” goes to Nikki Sixx, Mick Mars, Tommy Lee and Vince Neil since 1981. - Julien
Linkin Park - Crawling
This song is off the first album I ever bought in my life; Hybrid Theory. It’s so intense and emotional and this album has been a huge influence for me.
Andy Timmons - Electric Gypsy
I just love to jam along to this song, this guy has to be my favorite guitarist ever, best tone, best playing and the man plays from the heart
Gojira - Remembrance
Gojira is one of the few metal bands I still listen to and this is the song that got me into them. The breakdown at the end is so original and complicated. This is the tightest metal band I have seen live.
Ozzy Osbourne - No More Tears
My hero is Zakk Wylde. This song is old but still has one of the heaviest riffs, ever. I had so much fun learning to play the solo, and I still jam it often to this day. - Chuck 

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