Candy Hearts Discuss Working With Chad Gilbert

by Zack Zarrillo - Jun 20, 2012

Candy Hearts just wrapped up the recording of their new EP with Chad Gilbert of New Found Glory. Check out what the band had to say about the process below by clicking “Read More.”

You also mentioned New Found Glory are one of the reasons you fell in love with music. What’s it been like to work with Chad? In what ways is he influencing the new EP?
It’s been great. He’s so nice and hilarious, and he really knows what he’s doing in the studio. All of the suggestions he’s made have been really great and I think our songs are going to turn out really well. I feel like there are a lot of parts on the EP that people are going to think he added that we actually came in with thinking, “Oh, my gosh, people are going to think that Chad changed our sound.” I wrote a lot of the songs the month that we got back from our tour with Man Overboard and sort of in that pop-punk mindset. As I was writing them, I was like, “These are really pop-punk and I don’t want to have too much of a departure from our old songs because I really like that alt vibe.” I was worried a little bit to go into the studio. [I thought] our songs would come out even more pop-punk because they already sounded so much that way to me, but he’s definitely made them sound way more alternative than they were.

What made you decide to go with an EP rather than a full-length?
I’m not really sure; a few people suggested it at one point, so I just sort of went with it. I mean, I think it’ll be good because we do have enough songs for a full length, but to just get the best ones out there would be pretty cool. I think it’s expected to be released in the fall, but I’m not exactly sure which month.

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