POZ Playlist: Turnover, Citizen, Light Years

by Zack Zarrillo - Jun 22, 2012

The PropertyOfZack sponsored summer tour with Turnover, Citizen, Light Years starts today, and we are so excited to start giving you great content from the tour. To kick things off, we’re bringing you Playlists from all three bands. Check out the Playlists and listen to the songs on Spotify while reading everyone’s thoughts!

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Good Charlotte - Riot Girl
This is the song I listened to when I thought I was a punk and my parents wouldn’t let me buy records with explicit content.
Nothing - Downward Years To Come *Song is currently not on Spotify
This is currently one of my favorite songs right now. I really like the production that was put into it. The really spacey guitar tone is awesome. I hope to see a lot more from this band in the future. 
We Are Scientists - After Hours
I can’t remember where I first heard this song but I know it was my senior year right before I graduated. It brings me back to a time in my life I remember fondly. It’s also such a catchy tune. 
Transplants - Gangsters and Thugs
There’s not a lot to why I picked this song. It’s just one of those songs I’m in the mood to listen to in the summer time. When I’m really sweaty.
The Jealous Sound - Promise of The West
The Jealous Sound is one of my favorite emo bands right now. They just recently released their first record in almost 9 years and it blew me  away. This song has some of the best riffs ever. I finally got to see them a few months back. Definitely the best night ever. This song was amazing live. 
DMX - Bring Your Whole Crew
This song is fire. I can’t listen to it without getting hype. Great for driving around on a hot summer day with your crew. 
Blink 182 - Going Away To College
This song is just really nostalgic for me. I remember listening to it while hanging with my cousins and playing Test Drive Off Road 3. I love it lyrically,  musically, and all around. Lastly, it’s my favorite song by my favorite band.
AFI - Coin Return
AFI was one of the first punk bands I really got into and loved. All of their songs have a ton of energy. I remember listening to them in 7th or 8th grade and wanting to play in a band similar to them more than anything in the world. This song was always one of my favorites because of how aggressive it is. Today I listen and appreciate it way more than I did before. 
Gypsy - Unconditionally Dependent
I have liked everything this band has released thus far. This song sticks out to me in particular.
The lead guitar work in this song is super catchy. It just makes me feel…
Grizzly Bear - Two Weeks
I really like the way this song is composed musically. I feel it’s very unique and easy to listen to.

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Pity Sex - Dogwalk *Song is currently not on Spotify
Great new(ish) emo band from not too far away. I see glimpses of Yuck in some of it (I love Yuck) and this song is my favorite on their new record, Dark World. 
The Eeries - Walk You Home *Song is currently not on Spotify
My friend Bill from Evil Weevil Records releases this band’s records and he did their 7”, Comes Alive, last year but obviously it is good enough for me to still be listening. They are about to release a full length I believe so check that out (via Evil Weevil).
Face Reality - Generation RX
These guys are from Detroit and play hardcore in the same vein as Turning Point. This one is off of their S/T record on Youngblood Records. Look out for a new record coming out on Back To Back. Our friend Will Yip did the production on it so you know it’s got to be good.
Talking Heads - This Must Be The Place
I don’t really need to say much about this one but what a jam.
Makeout Party - Clock Radio *Song is currently not on Spotify
Carmen from Young Statues used to sing in this band before they split, but this three song EP is one of my favorites. If you’ve never heard of this band, check this song out and then make sure you go check out the Young Statues record that RFC put out earlier this year. 
Diamond - The Feeling
Members of Trapped Under Ice, Terror, and Down To Nothing. Don’t rush to any conclusions because this is definitely recommended if you are into Jimmy Eat World. This is without a doubt my favorite new band and definitely one you should be watching.
The Out Crowd - Burden of Society *Song is currently not on Spotify
Hands down, the coolest new hardcore band. These guys are suiting up to release a new record on Reaper Records. This song comes off a split with Written Off that was released via Iron Mind Crew/Like Glue Records last year. 
The First Annual - On Fire
It is a huge bummer that this band broke up. They released the Carolina EP on Triple B a while back and it is great. I’m pretty sure it included members of Guns Up but that’s definitely not going to give you a hint as to what this band sounds like. Check it out.
Sharks - On A Clear Day You Can See Yourself
This whole album is great and will definitely be a contender for my favorite album of 2012. This song immediately got stuck in my head and I’m totally cool with that. I first heard this band in 2009 when they released Shallow Waters and I’ve been really into all of their material since then. Definitely a band you don’t want to sleep on.
Why? - Fatalist Palmistry
Whenever Summer rolls around, I find myself always heading back to Why?’s, Alopecia. The summer of 2009, my friends listened to this and only this. Alopecia is a great album but this song always stood out to me as being really well structured and ridiculously catchy.  - Nick Hamm

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Souvenirs - Sucker
I was lucky enough to be able to play some shows with these guys on the west coast last summer, so I can brag and say I knew them before everyone else did. This is a new song off their upcoming EP “Tired of Defending You” on 6131. It 90’s emo perfection. Fans of Knapsack/Sunny Day/ Christie Front Drive eat your heart out. 
Agent - Current
*Song is currently not on Spotify
A band that never really took off like I thought they would, Agent’s EP “Awake in Their World” is so awesome. I jam this on the regular, and don’t even know what happened to them, if they are still around or whatnot. I’m also too lazy to look that up, but I love this song.
NOFX - Kids of the K-Hole
After recently watching “NOFX: Backstage Passport” where the band goes on a world tour to sketchy ass countries, I remembered how much I enjoy this band. From the light speed bass intro, to the catchy as fuck harmonies, this is one of my favorite songs by them. 
Daylight - Hungry at a Funeral *Song is currently not on Spotify
The self proclaimed “bad boys of emo” Daylight give roughly zero fucks what you think about them, and that makes me like them even more. No gimmicks, just straight up grungy, riffy, gruffy, punky, rock. The newest record is awesome and this song is my jam. From the opening riff to the melodic chorus song is A+. 
Lifetime - Airport Monday Morning
Lifetime made it cool for hardcore kids to like pop-punk, and when the genre they helped create became almost mainstream they made a new record in 2007 that put all current bands to shame. If you listen to modern pop-punk and don’t listen to Lifetime, you might be a poseur… Jealous of everyone who gets to see them at TIH this year.
Into It. Over It. - Midnight: Carroll Street
This full length “Proper” is flawless, which is pretty impossible to do. Evan is one of the best dudes, making awesome songs. If you’ve had the chance to see him you know how talented this dude is. 
Descendents - Hope
Going back to my roots as a rebellious skater in 8th grade. This song is so good, but you should already know that. 
Mixtapes - I’m Wearing The Device (Bridge, Water) *Song is currently not on Spotify
A song they released online not too long ago off of their new record. It’s classssssic Mixtapes, Ryan and Maura’s vocals are so good together and this song will make you want to pogo in your room. Oh and they are some of the best people on the planet. 
Maker- Mirrors
Maker is one of the most under-rated bands out today. This song/record is so good. The lyrics are so dark and depressing, it’s awesome. One of the best live bands as well.
blink-182 - Going Away To College
I will forever be listening to this record. I can’t believe this came out 13 years ago, and I have yet to get sick of it. Enema of the State, is arguably the best record of all time. Fight me. - Pat Kennedy

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