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by Zack Zarrillo - Jan 3, 2011


It’s a new year, why not start it with a bang? PropertyOfZack is thrilled to be bringing you a brand new interview with Hit The Lights. All five of the guys and I discussed the band’s recent tour, how writing for the new album is coming along, plans to hit the studio in the next few months, and a tentative summer release for their third record. Read up below, it’s a great one!

For the record, could you state your name and role in Hit The Lights?
I’m Nate, I play drums.
Nick: I’m Nick, I sing.
Dave: I’m Dave, I play bass and sing really awesome.
Kevin: I’m Kevin, I play guitar.
Omar: Omar and I play guitar.

So you guys have been playing some holiday shows for the past few days with Such Gold. Tonight you play the Glamour Kills holiday show and in a week from today you play with The Starting Line at Starland. How excited are you for the upcoming week?
Kevin: Uhm, we hate The Starting Line [Laughs]. We hate them as people. We hate their beliefs.
Nick: We’re all stoked. We’ve actually been off the road for a long time, about a year now. So getting back on the road for even a week is really nice. Especially playing with bands like Such Gold and The Starting Line. It’s been sweet, I can’t really complain.
Kevin: It’s been a refreshing welcome back.

Have you been working any new songs into the live set?
Omar: We did once.
Kevin: We attempted one.
Nick: We’d do it again, but right now my voice can’t handle it [Laughs]. So probably not tonight.
Nate: We’re all a little sick.

At the end of summer Hit The Lights shocked us all with the announcement of signing to Universal Republic/Vagrant. When did talks with the labels start?
Nick: It started last year actually.
Kevin: Around this time, right?
Nick: Yeah, cause our contract with Triple Crown Records was up after two records and we just started meeting with people and talking to people. We ended up really liking the dudes at Universal.

Was there any concern about signing to a major or was it an easy decision?
Dave: I think there are always concerns.
Omar: I think at the stage that we’re at as a band, we feel like we’ve kind of done all that we could do on an indie label. I think we want to go all out on this record and want to have someone who’s going to be able to push that and really kind of give us the exposure and marketing to take the band to the next level. I think that’s what we decided on. We said we’d go for it and see how it turned out.
Nate: We talked to the A&R people before we started working with them and they sounded like they weren’t going to be your typical major label people. They sounded like they really wanted us to make the record we wanted to make, but wanted to give us some guidance.
Kevin: Yeah, they just want to give us some guidance. They know where we want to go and realize we want to grow.

What’s the status at this point in terms of writing and recording the record?
Nick: [Laughs] Oh, we’re never going to make it.
Kevin: It’s just been a tease.
Omar: It’s the new Chinese Democracy.
Nick: We’re still writing and taking our time with it. We’re not trying to rush and put out something lukewarm. We want to take our time and really surprise people.
Dave: We’re waiting to see what the next big trend is going to be…
Kevin: Then we’re going to ride that wave, all the way into the bay.
Nick: I’m so excited for it. What could it be?

How would you compare the progress in sound and maturation to Skip School Start Fights?
Nick: I think our spectrum is going to be a lot larger. I think it’s going to be a really spread out record with a lot of songs that each have their own feel. We’ve always kind of made a record and have gone into the studio with pretty much the songs we were going to put on the record and have a solid record. Right now we probably have over 30 demos, which is something we’ve never done with any record. We’re just really trying to run our spectrum.
Nate: We’ve got everything from our pop-punk style that we’ve been doing to ska, dubstep, crabcore [Laughs].
Kevin: We’re really going worldly on this one, man [Laughs].
Nate: Lithuanian folklore.

When do you guys want to hit the studio?
Nick: Hopefully within the next couple months. We’d like to have something out by summer of this year.
Nate: We really like touring. We’re such a tour-based band. We really just want to make a record that we’ll have fun playing live and get back on the road.

Way back in the beginning of summer you blogged that you were working with Kenny from The Starting Line and Person L on some songs. Are those tracks making the record at this point?
Nick: We’ll see. We have so many songs right now anyway that it’s kind of hard to say. I know we all have songs that we love, but I think we’re all hoping that we’re going to write even better ones as we go that clips those.
Nate: That was even just like a learning experience and an awesome experience in itself just getting to work with Kenny.

Might we see any tour dates before the record is out?
Nick: Yeah, we have some overseas stuff, but I think we’ll be playing a couple one-off shows, I’m sure. College shows always tend to happen too.
Nate: We’ll do some little things and make it fun to keep ourselves busy.

Once the album drops, just constant touring?
Nick: Rinse and repeat. Yeah, once the album drops we’ll just rinse and repeat the whole thing.
Kevin: After the record is out I think we should try to do a 365-day tour and really try to kill ourselves.
Nick: Honestly, it should be: Put out the record, flop, get dropped, break-up, do a two-year reunion tour, break-up again, and then maybe choke ourselves with our own underwear [Laughs].

Has a producer been picked at this point?
Omar: We’re talking to a couple awesome producers, but right now there’s nothing set in stone.
Nick: Very exciting awesome producers that we’d be lucky to make records with.

And just to confirm, the hopes are definitely to have it out around summerish?
Kevin: Yeah, our hopes are. We’ll see. If we can get earlier, that’d be cool. If it has to be later then it has to be later. We’re just focused on the right record.
Dave: If the songs are there, the songs are there.
Nick: It’s kind of like my mom used to say, “If the dongs are there, the dongs are there.”
Kevin: I love your mom.

Thanks so much for your time, is there anything else you’d like to add?
Omar: If you haven’t heard our band before, check us out. Come out and see us. Keep an eye out for a good record.
Nick: Thanks for still following us.
Dave: Look for us, “Most Anticipated 2012 or 2013.”
Nick: “Alternative Press, Most Anticipated Band five years in a row.”

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