POZ Track-By-Track: Echo Base - Keep Your Expectations

by Zack Zarrillo - Jul 3, 2012


Echo Base recently released a great new EP titled Keep Your Expectations Reasonable, which can be streamed here. The band was kind enough to write a Track-By-Track for the EP. Check it out below!

In short: It’s a break-up song. A longer response: I couldn’t really “get over it,” so I decided to write a song about it. This person and I sort of came to the decision to stop speaking to each other for some time. It may have been the day after that I wrote this. She was moving to Orlando for school, after the summer, so I thought it was best that we call it quits. Eh, you know how things can get. The title of the song comes from a weird point after we stopped speaking that the number 11 would pop up everywhere I went (or, maybe, I was subconsciously looking for it. Who knows!?). That number holds some meaning to the both of us. However, now, we still keep in touch. Through telepathy, in fact! So, if you’re reading this… well, she’ll know. The sample choice was easy: Eternal Sunshine is my all-time favorite movie. I watched it a lot during this brief moment in my life. I watch it a lot, now. Everyone should watch this movie. I just had to incorporate it into the EP. Hey! Did you catch the Groundhog Day reference I made? The very subtle, almost-not-a-reference LOST reference I made? Dig it. 

Ben Kenobi
A habit I inherited from my lovely mother is her constant worrying. It’s a really bad habit. So, as this story goes, I was studying for a test that I wasn’t really confident in passing. Side note: I got a B! I also have this tendency to get distracted easily. I ended up writing the majority of this song during this distraction from my studying. I started to question almost everything going on in my life—my “purpose” being one of them. I was feeling hopeless, really low, so I did my best to get back to my studying. Almost a week later I went back to the song. Of course, I was feeling hella better about everything. I still had the last few lines to write, so I decided to change it up for the ending. The Ben Kenobi idea came from those lines. Since, you know, he WAS Leia’s only hope…

I Told You So
You know how technology is advancing at such an eye-opening rate? You know how there’s going to come a day that it’ll be so advanced that it’ll be smarter than us? Remember when I told you this and you didn’t believe me?! Think of this song mirroring the plot of I, Robot. Unlike Will Smith’s character, I am welcoming of our computer overlords. Well, sort of. This song is about coping with the possible reality of becoming transhuman. I watched a bunch of documentaries on this idea, that there could come a point that humans would decide to progress alongside of the advancements in technology. I mean, it’s evolution at its best, right? There could even come a day that humans will be immortal. How weird! Personally, I don’t know where time will take us, but I sure as hell can’t wait to see it—or, download it…? Hopefully, we won’t go to war with such technology. Will Smith won’t help us. Until then, don’t say I didn’t warn ya! Also, you dig the Space Odyssey reference?

No, Yeah…
This was the first song Spencer and I wrote, but the last song I wrote lyrics for. The first draft of lyrics I had sucked! So, I sat on it for a few months. I changed the topic of the song but was able to salvage some of the lines of said draft. The result came to be about Spencer and I starting this project. We played in two bands before Echo Base. They didn’t really get anywhere, some demos here and there. However, I was so optimistic about Echo Base, I had to be! The transition process that came with moving to Tallahassee was kind of rough for me, at first. I’m sure it can be for anyone. Writing and playing with Spencer was the best coping method I had to get over that first “hump” of living on your own for the first time (that, and watching LOST). So, I put all of my effort in these songs that Spencer and I were writing. I didn’t want this band to end up like the previous bands we were in, or like the short-lived bands from where we lived prior to Tallahassee. So far, so good! The title has nothing to do with the song. I don’t know if you have ever noticed some people saying that phrase, but I have. Sometimes, I say it myself! Example: Say we’re discussing some topic and we had opposing views on an issue. Suddenly, I mention something we can agree on, in which you respond, “No, yeah, that’s what I meant. I get it!” Or, maybe you all don’t, I don’t know. Regardless, be on the lookout for that phrase! Maybe you’ll smile at the thought. I know my friend does every time she catches herself saying it. 

Long Live Belle Vue
This was the quickest song Spencer and I ever wrote. And, although it’s about a shitty time of our lives, we love to tell the story behind it. Here’s from my perspective: The friend I previously mentioned and I were hanging out at my house. I got a call from a UPS delivery driver who, to this day, I can’t remember what they were delivering. Note to self: find out what you ordered. Anyway, he had the misfortune of informing me that our front doors were kicked in (Spencer and I live in a duplex so we have two front doors). The other side was completely left wide open. My heart sank. I had no idea how to react to this. It also sucked because it stopped my friend and I from getting something to eat. I think I was going to get Quiznos and I cherish every bite of their sandwiches since there are no more left in Tallahassee. But, that’s beside the point. I call the cops, have them check out the house, got the home owners to seal up the place, and tried to get on with my day. There was really nothing else to do; I accepted defeat. We didn’t write the serial numbers of what we had lost so, even if we did find what was stolen, we had no proof that it ever belonged to us. Spencer and his then girlfriend returned back to Tallahassee almost immediately, I waited a few days—it was just before New Year’s. Shitty timing, huh? I felt bad. Not because we lost our valuables, but for the house. It’s a pretty shitty, tiny, very old house. It is literally sinking. At the moment of me typing this, we have a month left to live here. Fingers crossed it doesn’t collapse in on itself for the meantime. Since then, the house has continued going to shit; like, the house caught on fire once (thanks, Tony)! Even so, this house was the spot for the best and worst moments (parties) of my life, so far. After all, it was the first house I lived in outside of my parents’. It wasn’t just my house, either, I felt like it belonged to my friends, too. Which was why I had them record the vocals at the end. So, in some cheesy way, this house became a part of me, a part of us, yadda yadda yadda. I’ll miss this house, for sure, but I’m super stoked to move into a new house where I’ll have a bit more space. On that note, I have to start packing.

On the EP title
Really quick: Tony and I had a brief run of getting Panda Express for lunch, it was close to every other day. After our meals, we would open our fortune cookies. He would always get these amazing fortunes about how successful he will be, how talented he is, or how awesome of a dude he has become (which is well deserved because I know all of those things are true. No matter how much shit I talk about him). Of course, with my luck, I get the shitty fortunes, like (I can not make this up) “Sunday is a good day for relaxing!” Thanks, Panda. Anyway, one of my fortunes said “Keep your expectations reasonable.” I received this fortune the day before my birthday weekend. Great timing, huh? So it goes, the day before my birthday, I had high expectations of what the night would hold. When it didn’t come true, I’ll admit, I was kind of pissed. But, I couldn’t be upset on my birthday! So, the next day, I put all that aside and had the best birthday ever (you know how big of a deal turning 21 can be)! So, I still keep that fortune around. Not to keep as a reminder, but to laugh every time I see it and to prove I get shitty fortunes (although, not as of late. So, that’s cool, I suppose).

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