Glass Cloud ‘The Royal Thousand’ Track-By-Track

by Zack Zarrillo - Jul 13, 2012

Glass Cloud have posted a track-by-track for their new album The Royal Thousand, out now via Equal Vision Records. You can read the full article here or a selection of track descriptions below by clicking “Read More.”

"White Flag"
This was the first track that I wrote lyrics to. It’s about people giving up or “surrendering” in their own lives things they love and care about because time is taking its course and everyone is getting older. At the point in my life when I wrote this, I was getting out of college and joining Glass Cloud. In that transitional period, I was seeing everyone I grew up with resort to normalcy and it just wasn’t something I was willing to do. So this is my way of telling cats younger than me or just cats on the edge of giving up the dream, “If you want it bad enough, it’ll come to you.”

"If He Dies, He Dies"
This is probably my favorite song as far as vocal melodies go. When I was writing the lyrics, I was really focused on bringing out Josh’s subtle, ambient layers in the music with strong melodies in the verses. The track is so layered I felt it needed two voices playing off of each other to compensate for the complexity of the music without sounding cheesy. I based this song off of a friend of mine who used to be like a brother to me, but then we had a huge falling-out. He later had a son. I was friends with the baby’s mother and she had told me about how torn their father/son relationship was. I don’t know why it hit me so hard, but I felt like that kid should’ve been like a nephew to me. Knowing my friend, I wrote a song that said all the things I couldn’t say because we didn’t talk anymore at that point. Eventually, I got up the balls to talk to him and now we have patched things up for the most part. I feel like writing that song helped me push out a lot of the demons between us.

"Falling In Style"
Of all our songs, this one is the closest to me lyrically. When I wrote this, I was falling in love with the girl who I’ve now been with for more thana year. I wrote it in a somewhat vague style because it’s a very relatable subject that I wanted other people to connect with easily. Anyone who has ever fallen in love and went through that time period of discovering each other physically can understand. It’s a beautiful thing and it’s something everyone goes through with new relationships. We don’t play this one live and I actually prefer it that way. It’s just a set of lyrics that I’d rather keep to myself and on the record for people to enjoy. It’s not really something that can be understood in the setting of a live show as intense as ours.

"Ivy & Wine"
This song is one of the very few that isn’t about something exclusively personal. I’m very interested in Greek mythology and the story of Dionysus, so the lyrics to this are an odd interpretation of the story of Dionysus. I basically took all of my favorite elements of the story and translated them into a play of his life. “Born the son of the god of gods”…”Shot down with lightning bolts/Open eyes in the face of glory”…”I came back to the motherland to prove I am who they say I am.” It’s a powerful story with powerful elements.

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