Pentimento Discuss New Album

by Zack Zarrillo - Jul 15, 2012

Pentimento have been in the studio for months now recording their new album, and recently took the time to open up about it. Check out what the band had to say in full here and a snippet of it below by clicking “Read More.”

Where are you guys recording? It seems like you’ve been quietly holed up for a while.

We’re doing this record at our home away from home, GCR Studios in beautiful downtown Buffalo, NY with our good friend and engineer Jay Zubricky (EVERY TIME I DIE, KID GORGEOUS, I CAN SEE MOUNTAINS). PENTIMENTO has done all our past releases at GCR, and couldn’t ask for a better environment to do our full-length. Jay, as well as the entire GCR family are all incredible people that make it extremely comfortable and really fun to be involved with GCR. Not to mention how insanely talented everyone there is, and all the brilliant people/artists/musicians you’ll meet hanging around. That’s what keeps us coming back.

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    Jay Zubricky is the realest dude on the face of this earth.
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    My band had the pleasure of recording with Jay Zubricky at GCR, the man is more knowledgeable then any body else I have...
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