POZ BandsOnBands: William Beckett On The Cure

by Zack Zarrillo - Jul 16, 2012

We kicked off our brand new BandsOnBands feature last week with The Early November, and we are so happy to be bringing it back on PropertyOfZack with William Beckett. William is gearing up to release his second solo EP, Winds Will Change, tomorrow before heading out on a great summer tour with Relient K and Hellogoodbye. So make sure to download the EP here and check out all of his upcoming tour dates here. In this week’s feature, William dives into an influence that many fans of The Academy Is… and his new solo work might not particularly see point blank, and that band is The Cure. Make sure to listen to The Cure’s greatest hits on Spotify here and check out what Will had to say about one of his biggest influences below!

From William Beckett:

I must have been around 6 years old, playing with GI Joes on the living room floor as my dad vacuumed circles around me, when I saw on the TV a pale faced man with wild black hair sticking up and down in all directions mouthing a song that I couldn’t hear over the Hoover. When my dad was finished and I could finally hear what the sad looking man was singing, I remember a feeling of mesmerization and curiosity. When the song was over I asked my dad who it was. He said it was the boogeyman. It was really Robert Smith of The Cure.

My musical influences span multiple decades thanks to my parents. My mom was the 80’s new wave fanatic. From Duran Duran and New Order to Tears For Fears and The Cure, I was exposed to this sound at a young age. My dad on the other hand was more into early 90’s alternative like Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots and Alice in Chains. Those influences coupled with early 2000’s indie and emo bands I was in love with help shape my taste and tendencies today. All things considered, no one sparked more creativity and opened more doors for than than The Cure.

There was a period of time from my senior year in high school until I was 19 or so when I would listen to their albums “Disintegration”, “Wish” and “Head On The Door” back to back to back on repeat while I wrote poetry for one of the many girls who captured my heart, past and present. No other band could fill me with such sorrowful whimsy, the kind that sticks you in the side and stays forever. I would play these records for girls I was courting and use it as a barometer of compatibility. You don’t like it? You don’t “get it”? Well then that’s the end of that. Yes, my obsession ran deep. My love of The Cure also ended up opening up other interesting doors by getting into bands that inspired or were inspired by The Cure. Bands like the Cocteau Twins, My Bloody Valentine, Echo + The Bunnymen, Bahaus, The Waterboys…. I fell in love with them all.

Things came full circle in 2007 or 2008 (I have the WORST memory when it comes to dates and time). The Academy Is… was playing in Melbourne, Australia and we got word that The Cure was playing in town that night. It turns out Robert Smith’s niece was a big TAI fan, and wanted to come by to see the show after The Cure was offstage. Fanboy-ing and barely under control, I put the names on the guest list and tried to put it out of my mind. We played the show and were hanging out backstage having a drink when in walk Robert Smith, his niece, and guitarist Porl Thompson. I tried my best to sequester my excitement, and reminded myself to “play it cool” and try not to stutter too much. We spent over and hour hanging out, talking about music and travel, drinking a few whiskeys and generally just being human. It was an unforgettable experience, (with the exception of the actual YEAR it was…) and Robert Smith and The Cure will always be one of the chief reasons I do what I do today.

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