POZ Interview: The Used

by Zack Zarrillo - Jul 17, 2012


PropertyOfZack had the chance to chat with The Used this past weekend at Warped Tour for a brief interview, and boy is the band busy. Bert and Quinn confirmed that the band will be headlining the 2013 Take Action Tour, doing a brief tour in September, and will be releasing a DVD sometime next year as well. Check out all the details below!

The Used are returning as one of the headliners of Warped Tour for 2012. It’s been several years since The Used has played though. Is this the lineup that just felt right?
Quinn: Yeah, it’s been cool. There are a bunch of bands that we toured with about ten years ago. This is the tenth anniversary of the first time we did Warped Tour. It’s great to be out in front of a bunch of new kids who may have no heard of The Used before. It’s good to get in their faces. It’s been a great lineup. It’s been a very successful tour and we’re happy with it.

Is it nice having those older bands and new exciting bands that you’re interested in as well?
Bert: Totally. It makes it all fun. I like checking out Pierce The Veil, Miss May I, Dead Sara, Matt Toka, Funeral Party, and a bunch of other bands.
Quinn: I’ve gotten to check out Breathe Carolina and a lot of other bands. It’s hard to mention them all.

All of this is in support of your new album, Vulnerable, which also charted very well and is your first release joint with Hopeless. How have fans been reacting to it several months later?
Bert: It’s been great so far. We’ve been wanting to put out a record for a really long time, and Hopeless has been great along the way. It’s cool.

The album prior to Vulernable obviously had some issues with the label and all that, and you did take some time away from your fans. Has the new album and Warped Tour been just the best way to jump back in and see how your fan base came right back?
Quinn: I think this album has gotten a more uplifting response. It’s a more positive outlook of a record. We went a different route and had a lot of fun making the record, and I think you can hear that. It’s a natural progression for The Used, and we’re just starting over.

Is that how you’re looking at it? Like you’re starting over, in the sense of being free of old label and management?
Bert: It’s great to be able to just make music that we want to listen to and that we’re proud of. We don’t have anyone looking over our shoulders.

Before Warped, The Used went out on a spring headliner. How was getting back on the road after a while of being out?
Bert: It was great. We brought out Dead Sara, and they’re an amazing band. The response to our new record has been incredible. We definitely still have a lot of fucking crazy hardcore Used fans out there, which is awesome.

I believe the band shot a music video not too long ago.
Quinn: We shot it in Seattle and Portland during the headlining tour. It should be out in the next few weeks. It’s for “Put Me Out.”

What’s next for the band?
Bert: We’re taking two weeks off. We’re routing and planning a little US tour right now, and then we’re heading to Europe. We’re headlining the Take Action Tour in January, and that’ll go all through the States. We’re going to keep busy on this record until it’s time to get back in the studio next year.

You obviously don’t want to release a new record immediately, but do you think you will actually release music more frequently now?
Bert: Totally. The whole format of putting out a record is lost in the Internet. It’d be cool to write and release a few songs and tour and then maybe record a few more and release those. We’re also working on a DVD for next year.
POZ: What kind of DVD will that be?
Bert: That’ll be like an eleven year anniversary DVD from the beginning to now.

The mini-US tour, when will that be?
Bert: That’ll probably be in September in small C markets towards the West Coast.

The band also has Anger Music. Will we be seeing that branch out soon?
Quinn: Yeah, as it picks up steam we’ll see what happens. Whether it’s bringing bands in or taking out bands on tour or any sort of art project. Anyone where we feel like we can both mutually benefit from each other. It’s just there for us right now.
Bert:I’m working on a cookbook that should be coming out too. 

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